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Gran Turismo 5 ‘Christmas in July’ Tournament |

Yes, it is finally here! For those who have been waiting for our first GT5 tournament since its original announcement in December, I have finally gotten around to getting everything set up. If you remember, it was supposed to have taken place on the 26th of December, but my PS3 had YLOD’d on the 25th, hence the name of the tournament.

With that said, since the game has received numerous updates since then, there have been a few changes made to it that I think will be of great benefit for the community (the performance points system, for instance, will now allow you more freedom in car choice). We also have a couple more prize cars to throw in there, as well as points for the site and everything. Be sure to check after the jump for a shot of the prize cars, as well as the rules.

Now, our very first tournament is set to go on July 24th, 8:00PM UK time (3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific, pending any other possible plans between now and then).

The prizes are as follows:

  1. First place will receive the Race Modded 2009 ZR1 Corvette
  2. Second place will receive the Race Modded 2010 Camaro SS
  3. Third place will receive the Race Modded 2000 TVR Tuscan Speed 6

Points will be determined based on number of entries, but first place could, potentially, win 1000 points, with each successive placement receiving incrementally less. Everyone will receive 150 participation points regardless (but you must show up and race in ALL races).

A separate points system will be implemented by me for tracking purposes like points in real events (100 for first, etc. Most points at the end of the tournament will be declared winner).

Depending on the number of entrants for the tournament, it might be set up in a bracket style, with each bracket consisting of two different series of races. Don’t worry, though, as I haven’t picked any ridiculously long courses.

Anyway, vehicle restrictions:

  • Performance Points limited to 500
  • Tires are Unrestricted
  • No Skid Recovery Force
  • No Active Steering
  • No Active Stability Management
  • No Traction Control System (pending majority decision)
  • No Driving Line (pending majority decision)
  • Anti-lock Brake System OK

You can use any modifications, as long as you stay within the 500pp limit.

Each race will consist of 5 laps, with a total of 5 races (per bracket at least). Each race will, of course, be grid start, but will be in reverse order from the previous race’s results (in other words, if you got 1st place in one race, you will start in last on the next). As for the list of tracks, this will be our main list:

  • Grand Valley Speedway
  • Mazda Raceway/Laguna Seca
  • Special Stage Route 5
  • Cape Ring Periphery
  • Suzuka Circuit

[spoiler intro=”In case we need another set of races”]

  • Trial Mountain
  • Fuji Speedway
  • Circuito de Madrid
  • Autumn Ring
  • Nurburgring GP/F


And finally, the actual race settings:

  • Boost will be Off
  • Strong Penalties (so as to avoid cheating)
  • Real Grip Reduction
  • Heavy Mechanical Damage
  • Tire Wear and Fuel Consumption On

If you’re interested, all I need to know is your PSN Name, and your location. If we need to break up the entrants into brackets, I would like to do UK/EU players first, so any eliminations from those regions will be done first (because of time zone differences). I will only be spectating the races, though, so I can monitor you guys and make sure there’s no cheating to ensure a fair tournament.

Please acknowledge your entry by July 20th

At that time, I will post a final entry list, and any new details if needed. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this announcement. I am very excited to be hosting the very first one! Next month, though, it will likely be a 2-3 hour endurance, so prepare for that, too.

  • Wow, exciting! and yes, of course I will take part.

    that photo turned out quite well πŸ™‚

    I guess I’ll get practising on those tracks for the 24th then!

  • You know I’m in jay, and to any other entrants, the vette and the tuscan are VERY nice cars….I got the chance to drive them both, VERY sweet prizes. Can’t wait!!!

  • Awesome bro welcome back! I love GT5 and I’m for sure going to participate!
    One question: Where do I actually sign up? I’ve never signed up for game nights/tournaments or anything of that sort because usually they’re games that I’ll get my ass handed back to me, such as Killzone 3 lol.
    anyways, I lol’d at “No Traffic Control System (pending majority decision)” you meant Traction Control right?
    TC off would be good. Or TC at 1 would be excellent

  • Jay

    lmao, oh man, I didn’t even notice, even after re-reading it a few times haha.

    Anyway, all you need to do is tell me your PSN name and add me on yours (JimmyMagnum) and tell me whereabouts you’re from, just in case I need to schedule you for a certain bracket if need be

  • Ok cool cool. Will do that tomorrow after work πŸ™‚
    I’m looking forward to this

  • Oly

    comic con………

  • Pedro

    I’m in!

    But I have no clue if’ll stand a chance against Jay :z (and possibly everyone else)

    I better dust my GT5 and get some practice time!

  • Jay

    @Pedro: I’m not racing lol. I will be spectating

  • Pedro

    @jay yeah, I’ve just read the whole thing now ;p

    I have another question anyway, can we race using any car? I remember the last time there was a specific model we had to use but read nothing of the sort here.

  • Jay

    I thought you said you read it? πŸ˜› Any car is allowed, as long as it stays within the 500 performance point limit


    I really want to be part of this, its very disappointing, I can’t find any copies of GT5! The price is still high on this one as well …

  • Pedro

    Jay: I thought you said you read it? :PAny car is allowed, as long as it stays within the 500 performance point limit  

    I have no clue about what are performance points ;p

    it’s been a while since i’ve played GT5 and you said there are many updates, so I have a little catching up to do.

    I also haven’t played online so maybe that’s it.

  • Oly: comic con………  


  • @Pedro I think by performance points, Jay means BHP. right Jay ?

    if it is 500 BHP (horse power of the car) you can find this information when you are viewing the car in the garage.

  • Pedro

    Do you think so?

    HP I know where to find, but I’m not convinced that PP is the same thing…

  • Jay

    No, it is NOT horsepower. It’s a points system that an update a while back added that takes into account the power to weight ratio, and puts it in a simple number form (because before, the server options were limited to a max. horsepower and min. weight, but a light car with, say, 400HP is going to have a much higher PP rating than a heavier car with the same HP; the PP system allows for more freedom and fairness in those cases, so a 1000kg car with 400HP might have the same PP value as a 1400kg car with 550HP, since both, in theory, should have about the same acceleration and speed. It was this feature that made it possible to allow freedom of choice in their car, as opposed to last time where I had to force the same model/car for the race).

    I believe that when you choose a car, on that car’s screen, you should see the PP in the lower left (I don’t remember exactly where). They are also located on the list of your cars as well. Like it should say “500 PP” or “PP 500” or something like that

  • Damn, I’d love to enter, but I work till 5 pm est. Unless I can get a late entry match or something. I’ve never played Gran Turismo 5, but how hard can a driving game be. Press R2. Go. I win 1st place Baby πŸ˜›

  • Pedro

    Thanks for clearing that out Jay!

    I’m excited about this, but I wish there were more people interested!

  • sign me up psn name matt37373

  • Id like to participate. Psnid Savageque.. I’ve never played gt5 online and i’m a bit f a “rub racer” in sp so ill have to practice being on my best behavior between now and then.