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Winner of the Uncharted 2 Game of the Year Edition Giveaway |

This was a first to allow for doubles entries if you listened to the PS3BlogCast, this is something we’ll probably continue to do for major giveaways. We had a total of 194 entries in this giveaway! Thanks to all those that entered.

I just wanted to remind you guys that this was a global contest, as is most of our giveaways, because I know we have fans all over the world, so I want to give everyone a chance at winning things. We have already shipped prizes all over the world.

See who the winner is after the jump!


Congratulations! I’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize sent out. Remember, if you send in a photo with your prize, you get 500 points. Here is a screen capture of me picking the winner at random if you’d like to see it.


  1. Congrats!!

  2. Grats bro!

  3. Congratulations! Great giveaway, guys.

  4. Big game, big number of entries. Congrats! What if he doesn’t want it? Hahaha

  5. Pancakessssss

  6. I think I speak for everyone who entered by saying: congratulations you lucky son of bitch.

  7. Macdory

    Thank you guys 🙂

  8. Congrats!

    It looks like giveaways just keep getting bigger and bigger, that’s great!

  9. I need a better way to manage all these entries, lol.

  10. FooBear408: I think I speak for everyone who entered by saying: congratulations you lucky son of bitch.  

    I second that lol

  11. Congrats, good one guys, thanks for taking time to organize this.

  12. Congrats Macdory. Get that Platinum or we’ll find you.

  13. @Tosh: you can always use excel to do it. With a couple functions you can do whatever and it’s really easy to edit and keep track.

    i know there’s a way (or a website) to do that automatically for twitter posts… i don’t know… it wouldn’t help with the other entries…

  14. Grats Dude and Enjoy!!!

  15. Congratulations Bro!! The screen capture thing was nice too!

  16. Congrats dude. Well chuffed for ya

  17. Congratz, amazing game with some awesome DLC.

  18. Grats, great game ^^

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