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Dead Block Co-Op Detailed |

Dead Block will soon be released on PSN and now we can analyze the trailer for the Co-Op elements incorporated into the game:

As you can see from the trailer, not only is there split-screen co-op (always nice to have in this digital day and age) but there’s also a variant of it in the single player campaign as you must seek out the help of the other survivors to… survive! Since each one has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses you must switch back and forth between all to make ends meet so you don’t meet your end.

Hopefully we’ll have a review for you soon after the game launches.

  • I refuse to buy anymore psn titles. The online doent last longer then it takes for people to unlock the trophies.

  • What online are we referring to… and what PSN game hurt you, your friends and/or family? It was Dead Space Ignition, wasn’t it?

  • Anything with a multiplayer. They play for a week then boom servers are empty. It was zombie apocalypse if you must know. My therapy bills are sky high over it.

  • Pedro

    You know, that games looks fun.

    However, I had never thought about what Jason commented above, and it’s completely true, so I guess depending on what you’re looking for in a game it might not be so great.

  • You can still enjoy offline co-op with human individuals sitting right next to you every now and then.

  • Pedro

    That is the preferred method, but I usually don’t have anyone to play with me so I’m forced to go online… maybe that’s why I don’t like multiplayer this days, it was a lot more fun on the days of Goldeneye 64.

  • Ah, Goldeneye 64. Still have my system and cartridge. Played the remake a couple of months ago on Wii but the MP is definitely better when you’ve got everyone on the same room. Those used to be very fun…

  • Pedro

    Fun and Funny!

    Those were the good days of multiplayer, it was 100 times better than competing against some 12yr old kids who like to scream on the mic during the entire match.