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PSN Summer Sale 2011: 30% Off 11 Games |

Are you a PS+ subscriber? No? Well, I’ve got something that will change your mind: PSN games at a full 50% discount thanks to your $50 subscription! Right now and until the 11th you can get an extra 3 free months when you subscribe (or renew a subscription) to Playstation Plus.. and you can take that to help you save even more once the July 12th PSN Store update goes live. Do take into consideration that the sale will only be available for one week so once the July 19th update goes live… it’s over!

Here’s the list of the 11 games that will go on sale (as to not hurt your eyes on the icons above) along with their discounted price for non PS+ subs AND the final 50% discount for us PS+ users so you can appreciate how awesome this is:

* Back to the Future: The Game – Full Series (Sale price $13.99; Plus price $9.79; Regular price $19.99)
* Chime Super Deluxe (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Dead Space Extraction (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
* Hard Corps: Uprising (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)
* Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Risk: Factions (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Shank (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Scott Pilgrim (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Swarm (Sale price $6.99; Plus price $4.89; Regular price $9.99)
* Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sale price $10.49; Plus price $7.34; Regular price $14.99)

What games can I recommend to you?

* Well, we’ve been reviewing the Back to the Future: The Game Episodes here one after the other and you should definitely get the season at it’s sale price (even more if you’re a PS+ subscriber).

*Scott Pilgrim is very fun and worth it’s retail price but even more awesome at it’s sale price. Pixelated action, chiptune soundtrack by Anamaguchi and a love story for the ages for only $5? Quick, sign here!

* Shank is fun and we liked it but your mileage may vary. If you like 2D games, a nice looking artstyle and enough content to keep you happy for a couple of hours per run then go for it.

* Swarm is awesome. How awesome? THIS AWESOME!

I’ll be getting Chime, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and Hard Corps: Uprising (COOONTRAAAA!) for my collection during the sale since I’ve got $25 on my account right now and it seems I can never have a big enough backlog hahaha.

Want to get any of these games at these huge, attractive and enticing discounts? Then you can:

Buy a $20 PSN Card!

Buy a $50 PSN Card!


  1. Might be a few items worth picking up here. I liked the ps3 Chime demo as well as the original version, which a friend introduced me to on her xbox. It’s worth supporting innovative titles. PJ Shooter 2 looks neat, thgouh I wasn’t enthused enough about the first title to spring for the second on launch — so maybe now’s the time. Anyone know if Risk is worthwhile, or is it as boring as boardgames on consoles tend to be?

    BTW, Thanks, @EdEn, for providing links to ps3b’s reviews of some of these games. A handy list!

  2. Fart noise. I hate when they do this. it will be free on plus soon enough. everything you see. Look at that new zombie game, its free to plus now.

  3. @Jason: yeah, true, but the free games only trickle in, and it’s such a crap shoot whether the title is worthwhile.

  4. @premiersoupir: Glad you like it! More reviews will be up during the next couple of weeks since we’re on crunch time thanks to all the games coming out. I’ve got 8 more reviews set up right now, Baba has 3 more, Oly has two, and so on.

    @Jason: Alien Zombie Mega Death is a PSN release with trophy support and online and local MP. Alien Zombie Death is the minis version that was released a while back and that is the foundation for the PSN remake.

  5. Back to the Future and Scott Pilgrim will be added to my shopping cart today.

    I just need a $20 PSN card now.

  6. not sure If I want any other these, Swarm seems the most compelling. I played the demo it was fun.

  7. I need to try swarm still

  8. Swarm is Very Fun Indeed 😀 I played Shank at my buddies house, definitely would pick up up when i get rid of my 30 game backlog XD

  9. I checked yesterday and none of this deal was in the North American PSN.
    It is live already ? Will it be available to NA ?

  10. @Ceidz: It doesn’t go live until the next update (Tues., 7/12). You’ll notice that that’s what @EdEn said at the end of that first paragraph, but if you were skimming, it could have been confusing as the current deal that he talks about in the second sentence is the PSN+ 15 mo. for 12 mo. subscription come-on.

  11. premiersoupir: @Ceidz: It doesn’t go live until the next update (Tues., 7/12). You’ll notice that that’s what @EdEn said at the end of that first paragraph

    My bad !

  12. @Ceidz: Also, it will only be available for one week.

    @Darklurkr23: Get Swarm once the sale is on since it will be up for only 7 days and Sward at less than $5 is a steal.

  13. Ceidz, you get off with a warning this time. Watch out for the next one! Hehehe.

  14. Is this deal for the EU store as well?

  15. @sovarn: Nope, these are only for the US store. The EU store has other items available which you can check over here:

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