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Amazing Resident Evil Collection |

Capcom Japan has put together one of the most epic Resident Evil collections ever! It hits September 8th for $100 US and will have to be imported. This set looks epic. Here is what you get:

1. Software for PS ® “Resident Evil: DIRECTOR’S CUT”
2. Software for PS ® “Biohazard 2”
3. Software for the PS ® “Resident Evil 3 LAST ESCAPE”
4. Software for PS3 ® “Evil Revival Selection”
5. Original Soundtrack “Resident Evil CODE: Complete Veronica”
6. Original Soundtrack “Resident Evil 4”
7. Item the 15th anniversary of “Pins and Stickers (STARS & Umbrella)”
8. For PS3 ® “Resident Evil 5” or “Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition” spacers

Enjoy the pics below.


  • Pedro

    Pretty cool collection for fans of the franchise!

    But where is RE 2 ?

  • Jay

    @Pedro That’s Biohazard 2, which is the Japanese name for the series.

    But what I gather from this is that the first three titles are PS1 format?

  • Pedro

    @Jay, thanks! Silly me ;p

    I wonder why all the other titles are called RE though… hahaha

  • Name changed after 1st one if I remember correctly. Yes jay they are ps format with new print. True collectors stuff here.

  • I wonder why they didn’t include RE4 just the soundtrack same with code veronica.

  • Jay

    @the_nmac: probably licensing issues

  • if this comes out in the US i want. Tho doubt it will

  • im pretty sure i read that it came with RE4 and Code Veronica. They are in the picture

  • Just the soundtracks not the games it comes with.

  • ZFM12

    I really really hope this comes to the US

  • Jay

    Considering both titles were on PS2, I think it is, indeed, licensing issues as to why CVX and RE4 are not available in the collection

  • 4 and code veronica are being re-done. I wouldnt be surprised if the redemption codes for psn are included as we approach september. The re-print of the original ps games is cool enough to make this a day 1 for me. How cool would it be to hold a new print of the original’s that got you hooked?

    ZFM12 I doubt this will hit stateside. This is normal for japanese market, they get these things all the time. I only posted because RE appeals to us just as much. You can voice your opinion on the ask capcom forums where capcom will respond to your every question. Ignore my 500 posts there about bringing monster hunter state side though lmao heres the link to ask capcom

  • ZFM12

    Thaxs Jason