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MK9 Rain Gameplay with a Peek at his X-Ray |

Cruising the interwebs, I came across the gameplay trailer for Rain, Mortal Kombat’s upcoming DLC fighter. Rain is a fighter from Mortal Kombat 3, and is being brought into the new age of fighting. Like his name would suggest, his attacks are water based; he also has a few attacks somewhat based on Noob Saibot. For the most part, his style is pretty fresh. He’s got some pretty unique attacks; what I gathered from the gameplay video hes heavy on lift attacks and control from there.

Well I don’t want to completely ruin it, so here’s the vid, enjoy!


  1. Awesome, but it seems he’s very hard to control! Perhaps it’s not for me.

    Kenshi might be the better solution here ;p

  2. Ill buy it, as I have bought all the DLC so far lol, Ill give him a try, he does seem a bit hard to control, but we’ll see.

  3. Should be cool. Curious to see who the last mystery character is.

  4. $5 for each character is a bet much don’t you think? Only 360 owners get a discount with their Pass …

  5. I agree, I haven’t bought any because I felt like $5,00 each character is a bit too much, as I’m currently not playing the game, it really doesn’t matter.

    I bet they’ll release a pack with all DLC characters later on so I’ll just wait and get that.

  6. kind of sucks we didn’t get the pass. We did get a special character in Kratos that xbox did not get.

  7. Ooo I can’t wait for Rain. He was such a BEAST back in ULTIMATE MK3. Not normal MK3 op 😛

    Still I’m hoping PS3 releases a 4 person bundle pack after they’re all out. I haven’t bought any dlc characters, yet, but I”m hoping 😀

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