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SCE Chief Shuhei Yoshida Says Industry Innovation Will Stall Without Supporting Our Smaller Devs |

In an article from, Yoshida has been quoted saying that we must support our smaller garage developers or the industry will stall in innovation.

This was said with the Playstation Vita in mind. He went on to say that the dev kits for the Vita were kept inexpensive so that smaller devs could more easily obtain them and that they could make some amazing games even just using a small portion of the control schemes the Vita offers.

What does this mean for us? It means we could see a vast library of smaller, cheaper games akin to the iPhone today.

Regardless of what the future holds, we can honestly say that Yoshida is a guy that “gets it” when it comes to gamers and the industry.

  • It’s true though, you need to let the little guys in, sometimes the little companies are the ones that make the hugest innovations.

  • Angry birds and farmville are a testament to this. The vita is only going to as good as the psp stateside. It will destroy in japan with 3g in the works for it. They needs to advertise like crazy and only a title like cod would push the vita in terms of numbers.
    I dont want little crap games though. I want big budget, engrossing story and non stop cinematic quality in my games. Sadly these smaller brainless games like angry birds will become the norm. When they begin to take over console titles I will gladly hug my pc and tell it how much I love it.
    If the vita thinks it can increase sales by adding whats already on every ios device its sadly mistaken.

  • Sony – We will support small devs too!
    Jason – Big games or gtfo
    Sony – we have Uncharted the Golden Abyss and several other AAA full length titles!
    Jason – Monster Hunter or gtfo
    Sony – ……

    Vita is the biggest mix of everything and Sony is doing everything right (finally). If pre-orders are a testament of how popular this system will be in the states, it stands to completely engross PSP sales.

  • Eddie: Sony – We will support small devs too!
    Jason – Big games or gtfo
    Sony – we have Uncharted the Golden Abyss and several other AAA full length titles!
    Jason – Monster Hunter or gtfo
    Sony – ……  

    This made me roflol

  • Jay

    the only problem with more games from smaller devs is the inherent amount of shovelware that will come out of it. I suppose it’s a trade-off, though. We, as gamers, just shouldn’t disregard smaller developers because of the crap games that come out of them being more numerous than the good, innovative stuff.

    With that said, I am all for the indie developers

  • shovelware is a product of all industry leaders. PS One, PS2 and the Wii all were handed more shovelware than the competitors.

  • It’s our job as the consumers to not purchase the shovelware and they should get the idea(hopefully). That being said there is a market for shovelware as Nintendo has proven it’s viability. That can’t be bad for a new game system.

    Also please don’t insult angry birds. I have 3 stared all of the levels and put almost 40 hours into the regular angry birds game. It could be one of the greatest games of this generation. Also it made IOS a proper gaming platform it would not have it’s current success with that game.

    You can insult farmville all you want.

  • Jay

    Crush the Castle flash game > Angry Birds

  • Pedro

    Jay: Crush the Castle flash game > Angry Birds  

    absolutely true. i always say that.

    Regarding the post, I agree with many of the arguments made, but what’s more important, I really think what Yoshida say is true.

    That’s mostly because every major title these days seem to be a better version of themselves previously. I don’t think any of the “most anticipated titles” of this year is a actual new franchise, they’re all sequels! Which means, big devs are obviously milking their high sales franchises.

    It’s up to smaller independent devs to propose new ideas, but sometimes I think they’ll probably loose in terms of sales, because a bigger dev will steal the concept and release it as a big budget title, then it’ll sell millions of copies and the “original” game will fail… yeah, capitalism sucks my friends.

  • hook, line and sinker

  • So he’s saying Nintendo was right with Wiiware and DSiware?

  • EdEN:

    So he’s saying Nintendo was right with Wiiware and DSiware?  


    Oh you mean how Reggie said they weren’t interested in garage devs and likened them to ameteur musicians? In that case…no..totally opposite of Nintendo…why?

  • Well, on that comment I have to agree to some level since we don’t want an “App store” environment on our consoles, right?

    I was refering to how there’s lots of new IPs that are smaller in size and cost but still great and available on Wiiware and DSiware. Sony took waaaaaaay too long to introduce minis and I enjoy them when it’s new IPs that provide something or a really good port… and not just a re-skinned app without much work done.

  • Why dont’ we want the app ware environment too? Why eradicate an entire genre of games? Doesnt’ make sense to me at all.

    However thats a little off topic. Yoshida is basically saying that these types of games keep creativity churning and he is absolutely correct.

    For the first time in a long time, Sony is doing nearly everything right with a new product. Strong developer support, multiple types of gaming and a strong push in marketing. There are some small displeasures certainly, but nothing breaking of the hardware.

  • They just dropped 20 million $$ to make these small crap games.

  • Jason:

    They just dropped 20 million $$ to make these small crap games.  


    I know! WTF! Now we have to put up with more games like Flower, Journey, Pixel Junk games. We shouldn’t put up with this crap! /end sarcasm

  • Pedro

    I can always rely on this post for comic relief lately (Y)

  • Looks like Monster Hunter is coming to the Vita lol

    “There will be one launch title for Vita. I am not actually sure if it’s been mentioned, so I am not going to, but there will be a launch title for the platform. And then we will do Street Fighter vs Tekken, and at least two others. I am sure you can guess what one of them has to be, considering the success in Japan.”