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Deus Ex: Human Revolution : Conspiracy trailer |

Here’s the newest Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer, which explores some of the deep conspiracies of the game. I played this for a bit at E3, and will get more hands on next week at Comic Con, so expect to see a hands on preview in a couple weeks. It’s looking really good so far.


  1. The story behind this game might be the best script of the year imo.

    Gameplay and graphics look great, might not be perfect, but I’ll sure be putting a LOT of time into it, day one purchase for sure.

    Great video, really peeked my interest as far as the story goes, since i had not heard much about it.

  2. Loved the first game. The second was alright bot great though. This looks awesome though. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. I’ve watched all of the developer commentary videos. I’m excited for this game with it’s atmosphere and story. The gameplay looks fun, but I’m more excited for the story.

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