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Ubisoft’s Uplay Passport |

According to a report from gamerzines, Ubisoft is joining the online pass club this fall with their latest installment in the Driver series “Driver: San Francisco”. Ubisoft’s Pass will work similar to EA’s Pass introduced last year. Again, Not having the Uplay Passport will prevent you from accessing the online features. Ubisoft will eventually implement this method in all their future releases “AC: Revelations, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.” The price for Uplay Passport “Available for purchase on LIVE and PSN” haven’t been revealed, but taking a wild guess here, I would say $9.99 would be about right!

  • Pedro

    Nothing I wouldn’t expect. I guess this is the new standard.

  • BOOOOOOOOOOOO. But yea, welcome to the new age of gaming. The age of Online Passes.


    At some point we should expect better services and hopefully more free downloadable content … hopefully!

  • Sinlock

    This just helps back up my prefrence for Single Player games.

    I’m not playing extra cash just to get some lame extra content! Maps, Costume’s, Artwork.
    Not that I don’t like that stuff, But paying for it just takes money away from my next game.