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Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Details Emerge |

The year has passed us by quickly, huh? It seems like it was only yesterday when Batman: Arkham City was announced and here we are in the middle of July just waiting until October 18 is finally here so we can enjoy the next chapter in what will hopefully be a trilogy.

What does $99.99 (plus tax) get us this time?

Premium statue produced by Kotobukiya
Exclusive access to DLC before anyone else
Art book
Gotham Knight animated content

The statue is something to really look forward to as we could get a piece like this:

Or even like this:

The price sounds about right for what is being offered (the artbook and statue alone are worth the extra $40) so I’m just waiting for the “official” confirmation so I can pre-order mine. The Batarang included in the last one looks nice as a backdrop to my other statues and figurines, but the Batarang case itself is what really made the last CE worth it.

UPDATE: Official pic of what my $100 will turn into has just been released:



  1. I’ll have to wait and see both the statue and the book to evaluate if it’s worth it.

    As good as the game might be, this is not a priority for me and I’ll only get this later this year, so there’s still plenty of time.

  2. @Pedro: Somthing else to add to the wishlist, huh?

  3. @Eden: We’ll see, I’d be more excited if we had a Catwoman statue, that is what they do best.

  4. Hell I’ll get it!

  5. Seems pretty sexual.

  6. For any game that i’m really into i get the CE no matter what and this is no exception. BTW Looks soooo sexy

  7. FooBear408: Seems pretty sexual.  


  8. Official pic now available and added to the bottom of the story.

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