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Battlefield 3: ‘We can do earthquakes in multiplayer’ |

DICE “looking into” ambient destruction for online modes.

Battlefield 3 developer DICE has again talked up the technical prowess of its Frostbite 2 engine, and teased the chaotic prospect of putting terrain-deforming earthquakes into its new multiplayer mode.

Speaking to PSM3 magazine, lead multiplayer designer Lars Gustavsson confirmed the quakes seen in impressive single-player demos are “technically possible” in Battlefield 3 multiplayer games.

“We’re still looking into ambient destruction in multi-player; it’s still too early to say really,” he told the magazine.

“It’s technically possible to have earthquakes in multi-player using Frostbite 2. We feel like kids walking into sweet shops with Frostbite – it has so many features we never knew we needed, and we’re still figuring out how best to use them.

“It’s just the start for this engine. So far, the only limit to the things we can do with it are our own creative restraints.”

Source: CVG

  • That would be awesome.

  • So when you say earthquake, do you mean the screen shaking/building destroying kind? or physical crevices opening up to swallow large vehicles; making tank battles that much more exciting?

    Cause I did Like Red Faction 1 and mining through levels.

  • Pedro

    That’d be awesome.

    But I guess it might be too much to handle via internet… i hope not!

  • ZFM12

    If doesn’t matter what they do to the game, it’s gonna be bad-ass. This would be even more bad-ass


    “its still too early to say, really” … I thought Beta will be in September!