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Fast Draw Showdown Out Today On The PSN |

This is a game me and my wife would love to play at the Arcade. Sadly the arcade cabinet is long gone. We still miss it when we browse the arcade after a movie. Sadly arcades aren’t as fun as they used to be.

Anyway, this will be arriving on the PlayStation Store today for $9.99 and the download comes in at 699 MB. I know what I’ll be doing when I get home later!

Via PlayStation.Blog

  • I had an arcade business for yrs and the american laser games were the best sellers. I did multiple machines that had every laser game. Very easy to make. Can make one for under $400. Here Tosh remember what it looked like 😛

  • Ahh, good times man, good times.

  • Ajescent

    I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this…

  • It’s a port of a 1994 Arcade game, what you do expect? lol

  • Trophies and Move support! Oh, it has those? Great!


    This would go nice with one of those …


  • Pedro

    Has anyone seen a gameplay footage? (and I really mean game play, how you play it, someone playing it)

    @CHEETO that would be cool.

  • @Pedro: I played it (back in the day) so here it is. You hold the “gun” (Move in this case) facing down while staring at your opponent in a duel (showdown). Once it’s time to shoot, you have to be fast in pointing the “gun” (again, Move controller) towards the screen and shooting before you’re dead. Higher difficulties lower the time you have to shoot which means you’ll need veeeeeeeeeery fast reflexes to succeed. To give you an idea, there’s a trophy you can get if it takes you .30 seconds (as in, 1/3 of a second) to unholster and shoot.

    That help?

  • Pedro

    You do have to aim correctly as well right?

    I think this might be easier than it seems, because there might be some way to “cheat”, like in the wii games. However, I don’t know why would someone get a game just to exploit it…

  • You just have to hit anywhere on the body really. Bonus points for a head shot.

    But sometimes they are really far away or there are multiple people and it’s random who draws. So there is skill for sure at some points.

    My wife really liked playing it last night, now she wants a gun accessory, lol. So I’m getting a used one on the way home.

    I’ll record some gameplay for you guys.

  • @Tosh: We need gameplay video in a split screen video of how she’s playing hahaha.

  • I only have 1 camera that does video and it SD video to boot. I’ll see what I can do.

  • Its just like Mad Dog Mcree 🙂 Dragons lair, Crime wars, list gos on. You dont really play you simply shoot to progress the video. This is family fun time. Been out on the wii 4 ever i think via download.