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[Giveaway] Tekken Blu-ray |

Anchor Bay Entertainment provided us a copy of the Tekken movie on Blu-ray to giveaway on! I never got around to see this movie. I heard from some of my friends it was good. Overall rating on Amazon at the moment is 3 1/2 stars. But most give it good ratings for a live action movie based on a video game.

They did a decent job of picking martial arts actors that look similar to the characters of Tekken for the most part. Live action video game movies are usually pretty bad but a lot of people seem to like it according to many reviews I’ve read.

Also speaking of Tekken are you going to see Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D this coming Tuesday? One night only, so get your tickets now if your interested. I have my tickets.

Here are some screens from the Blu-ray. More available here.

This time we are just doing the lottery method. So use the button below to enter this contest. Each entry is 150 points. But lucky for you we have double points active. You can enter up to 3 times. Good Luck.

You have until midnight MST on July 28th to get your entries in.
Winner will be picked at random on July 29th.

  • horrible movie

    horrible story

    horrible acting

    everytime jin is about to get defeated (which is ALL THE TIME) they switch to some stupid flashback where he magically becomes stronger and wins/

    perfect copy of the fighter’s costumes and raven’s actor looks exactly like him

    and those 2 are the ONLY positives to this move

  • oh and for the record the stupid looking samurai masked baddies with the guns are supposed to be the JACKS…it took about a good chunk of the movie to finally realize this…so there’s no big hulking guy with a mohawk live/CG rotating his body and doing all his mechanical stuff its just some stupid guys :/

  • Oly

    LOL Free is free.. thanks for the giveaway Tosh!!
    BTW I met and hung with Ian Anthony Dale at a private WB party tonight at thats this guy

  • Pedro

    shadowcrazy: horrible movie

    horrible story

    horrible acting

    how exciting!

  • Oly, chiropractor to the stars!

    We want Comic Con Swag! We want Comic Con Swag! Hahaha.

    Already entered since, as Oly has said, free is free!

  • have to admit the female lead is hot!

  • dragon290513: have to admit the female lead is hot!

    indeed…but not much goes on anyways :/

    Oly: Ian Anthony Dale

    he’s a pretty cool guy and he was in hangover too 🙂

    but yeah while i do appreciate the free (technically not since you’re using points in a lottery) i still think the movies not worth participating and wasting the points tho…if you still decide to do so then hey its no big deal but im just throwing a warning as someone who’s seen the movie and still can’t fathom how they could make something this bad…

    but hey at least its better then legend of chun-li movie

  • Good martial arts flick. Bad Tekken movie.

  • Heihachi in this looks like the Asian Colonel Sanders XD

  • ignoring its a game based movie, its not so a bad B movie