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Facebook Entries for Giveaways has Changed |

When we have giveaways active on the site, I will set up a giveaway section on our Facebook page that shows up on the left. At the bottom, you will see a “Enter Contest” button, but this button will only show up if you’re a fan of on Facebook. All you need to do is be logged into & Facebook and click the button and it will automatically donate 10 points for you, and that will count as your Facebook entry for that specific giveaway.

This is counted as an extra entry in the lottery, so if the lottery says it allows 3 entries, that means 3 entries at 150 points each. Then you can get a bonus Facebook entry for 10 points. The first giveaway to take advantage of this new system is the Tekken Blu-ray, so be sure to enter that.

  • Pedro

    Interesting dynamic. I guess this will make it easier. Very good.

  • It will make it easier for me to manage these giveaways too.

  • Jay

    does it only allow you to enter a facebook entry once? just wondering.

  • Yes, only 1 Facebook entry per giveaway.

  • You know what this means… even MORE giveaways, coming soon!

  • nice! this way I got 10 extra points in giveaway I dont really want 😀

  • Well makes it easier to track at least 😀 But NOOOOOOO FB entries now cost points! Still work smarter not harder is what i say

  • incase i forget in the tekken giveaway i cant do my 3rd point entry because its counting the facebook one as one

  • Sorry about that. It’s now fixed Kane. Try again please.