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New Arkham City Trailer Shows Penguin |

We’ve all seen the concept art, but not much else was known about The Penguin’s part in the sequel to the much acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. In this exclusive GameSpot trailer we can see Batman fighting a whole lot of baddies as usual. Some takedowns and combos seemed new to me as well.

Staring the trailer we can see Penguin without his usual top hat and some of “the best” henchmen money can buy (his words, not mine). Also new is the massive undead super villain Solomon Grundy, but I have no idea how this powerful enemy (known to be as strong as Superman on occasion) could’ve been imprisoned by a short fat guy with a umbrella collection and seemingly average chains.

We can all find out more about what’s their part in all this when Batman: Arkham City hits the stores on October 18th.

  • This is making me wonder how the boss encounter with the penguin will be like. I cant wait to try this game out

  • Game kees getting better and better. Now with the news from Conrad (Batman Voice Actor) about the game having DLC releases for a while I have no reason to not pre-order the CE.

  • Pedro

    Yeah, that DLC thing is getting really annoying.

    Games are released and a month later they start pushing DLC out of the door, some games could add up to $50 worth of DLC, the best part? All those who were “loyal” and bought the game and all DLC get nothing and a year later a $40 GOTY with all included is released.


    That is tremendous voice acting. Really, top notch stuff. The guy voicing the Penguin has a very capturing tone. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

  • @Pedro: Yeah, but we get to play the game a year in advance! Plus, GOTY are never released with a CE (no extras but the content) and we don’t know if the DLC will be actual new areas or just challenge rooms (as was th case with part 1). Since Conrad has gone on record to having recorded more VO it could be the NEW levels!

  • Weird though, I didn’t know Penguin was Austrailian Accent? I thought he was supposed to be more squaky i.e. PENGUIN-EY. Still looks like it’s going to be a hit. Wonder what the story’ll be. Can’t wait to play.

  • The guy voicing Penguin sounds a lot like Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley on Supernatural. Tried searching IMDB to see if it was but no luck.

  • Looking good. All the mainstays are in the game. Looking forward to the riddler challenges the most. Should be a fantastic game.

  • Pedro

    @Eden, I agree. And DLC for Batman AA sucked.

  • well the story of AA is quite fulfilling so other than challenge maps or new gears I dont think there should be any DLCs