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PSN Plus 12 Month Subscription Now Only $39.99 (Limited Time) |

If you act NOW you can buy 12 months of PS+ for only $39.99 instead of the usual $49.99 which brings down the cost of each month to only $3.33 (at $49.99 it would be $4.16 a month). Don’t know how long this offer will be valid so don’t hesitate and join the service that gives you more than enough content for your small investment. If you’re quick enough you’ll be able to snag Borderlands+Full DLC Bundle for only an extra $14.99!

  • Thought i got ripped off for a second with the ps plus birthday deal did the math and 15 months at 49.99 still works out to 3.33 a month.

  • @The_Nmac:: Yep, this brings the price down to what we paid when we renewed during the “12+3” promo from two weeks ago. This is great for those that haven’t gotten into plus yet or missed out on the 12+3 promo.


    I am not convinced yet lol Although this sounds pretty tempting … I will wait a bet until they give more information about the PSN pass and possibly a discount for PS+ subscribers as some of our colleagues here at PS3Blog suggested.

  • Pedro

    Now with the Brazilian PSN Store up I really don’t feel like getting this, I’ll keep my hopes up and see if we can get it here.

  • @Captain_CHEETO: Plus is worth it just for the cloud saving and the free PSN games. Adding the minis and PSX games as well as all the discounts has made it worth it. The extra $5 on the Borderlands bundle just added even more savings to my account. Did the math and with $100 I’ve spent on PS+ (1 year +3 months and a renewal+3 months) I got 30 months to play all my current free content which ammounts to $160 of free games AND I’ve saverd $60 with all the PS+ extra discounts.