PSN Users Prove To Be Very Generous

After Japan was rocked by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis earlier this year, Sony initiated a relief program for the victims of the tragedy on PlayStation Network. Gamers could show their support for the survivors of the disaster by purchasing special items via PSN. The response from gamers around the world was massive as Sony has announced that as of July 13th PlayStation Network users raised a combined total of 129.7 million yen ($1.587m US dollars ),worldwide. The full amount will be donated to a relief organization from each specific region. Good job everyone! Via: PSLS

Written by: Sakinah - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by Darklurkr23 on July 22nd, 2011 [ 30451 Points ]

    Nice! Now give us some more free stuff PSN XD Seriously though wonder why Xbox didn’t go any kind of Japan Donation thing. They get some games from there branch there right? Then again, I heard Xbox blows out in asia for some reason.

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