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PS+ Content for July 26 and August 2nd |

Before we dive into the list of content all PS+ subscribers will get in August, let’s talk about how the Playstation Plus section of the PSN store has been changed around a bit and now you’ll find it has a new set of categories to make things easier on consumers. What are these categories?

New Releases: Find the weekly Tuesday updates for PlayStation Plus. We’ll still feature the bigger bi-weekly offers which will cover the monthly free games, along with discounts and exclusives, and there will continue to be smaller updates throughout the month.

Last Chance: You should snag these offers quick, as they’ll end the upcoming Tuesday.

Games: Here you’ll find all the games offered in Plus, including the free games available for the month to PlayStation Plus users.

Add-Ons: Find free and discounted add-ons in this category.

Themes and Avatars: Your one-stop shop for all custom themes and avatars, free and discounted, through PlayStation Plus.

Full Game Trials: Play PlayStation Network High Definition Digital Games for an hour. These are the high valued (some $30 – $60) digital copies of the Blu-ray games available at retail stores you can download directly to your PS3 for free. Experience the full game with all features turned on such as: Multiplayer, Trophies, online and more. If you want more after the one-hour test drive, you can directly purchase from PlayStation Store the game afterwards and keep all your hard earned trophies and game data.

With that out of the way… what is the actual content that will be provided with the next PS+ update? Here, let me show you!

Here is the list for July 26th and August 2nd:

Free PSN: Crash Commando, Aug 2

Free PS One: Destruction Derby, Aug 2

Free minis: Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scarygirl, Aug 2
OMG-Z!, Aug 2

Free DLC: Funky Lab Rat: Challenge Bundle, (Happy Happy, Joy Joy!) Jul 26

Free Exclusive In Game Item: Section 8: Prejudice Hunter Armor, Jul 26

Exclusive Discounts: SEGA Rally Online Arcade – 50% off, Jul 26 (One Week Only)
Eat Them (Try it Jay!) – 50% off, Jul 26
One Epic Game Mini (Will probably have a review for this)– New Release 50% off, Aug 2
Farm Frenzy Mini – 70% off, Aug 2

Full Game Trial: Dragon Age: Origins (What, no Ultimate Editioo?), Aug 2
Far Cry 2, Aug 2

Free Dynamic Theme: City Dynamic Theme, Aug 2

Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Super Street Fighter® IV (8-Bit) PSN Avatar Bundle (35), $2.99, Jul 26

Free Media: Qore, August Episode – Single Episode, August 2

What do you think of all this?

  • O man my 2nd PS plus runs out on August 6th. And the trophies for that are online and sound like a bunch of time. I gotta get cracking to get a 100 % in 4 days 😀

  • Dragon Age Origins standard edition is indeed bummer man (not that I havent played it)

  • Ace

    I enjoyed Crash Commando. Maybe people will give it more of a chance, given the fact, that it’s going to be FREE on August 2nd.

  • @Ace: It will help in getting the online trophies.

  • Kind of a weak lineup for next week. Hopefully there will be some better stuff in the upcoming weeks.

  • @The_Nmac: I like what we’ll get. I really want that Funky Lab Rat DLC!

  • Had the 1 month of free Plus, but wasn’t sold on keeping it with the line-up of content. Also, Eat Them is cool… if you ever liked rampage or Godzilla or monsters or smashing… It even has couch co-op.

  • Pedro

    This week fell short compared to the first weeks of July.

  • @Pedro: Next publish should be interesting as it will be for the end of the month and SHOULD include great games and discounts for those that have just gotten their PS+ subscription after the free month expired.

  • What makes me mad is that us NA PSN+ users won’t get into the R3 beta when EU PSN+ and all other NA Socom buyers will get in on the same day. This is BS. Atleast thats what i heard.

  • yeah on the 28th? what the heck man?