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PSN Store and Blog Are Finally Official In Brazil |

É mesmo?

Fala sério!

Pedrooooooooooooooooooooooooo? Peeedroooo! Did you hear? Sony has FINALLY decided it was time to get the PSN to another Latin American country (first one was Mexico) as now Brazil has it’s own officially sanctioned PSN Store. What are the benefits of this? Well, Brazilian users can now use their brazilian credit cards to add funds to their wallets AND all prices will be displayed in the local currency (Brazilian Real) which should, in theory, drive up sales in the country considerably as import taxes on games reaaaaally drives up the price as a $60 release immediatly goes up to $90 or more and with all the great AAA releases in the next couple of months… well, it adds up and FAST.

PS Store

Our Brazilian fans have much to rejoice as not having to buy US Store PSN Cards (which is a hassle since using their Brazilian Credit Cards for purchases outside of their country increases the final cost) is one less hurdle before being able to enjoy all the wonderful content available for their entertainment. Brazilian PSN Cards SHOULD be available soon for those that don’t have access to a credit card making it easier to make their most of their Sony console purchase.

As an extra bonus, there is now an OFFICIAL PS Blog just for Brazil! Follow THIS LINK to be on the up and up on all PS related news, promotions and releases. And what other great news await Brazilian fans once they go over to the official PS Blog for their country? Why, they’ll get a chance to download several games thanks to the Welcome Back Package!

  • Moy Bweno. XD Donde Stas Los PSN? PSN esta BACK> XD


    Pedro you lucky so.. lol Ya baby, its about time. I could only hope we’ll catch the fever sometime this century!

  • wasnt the PS2 just not long ago officially announced over there?

  • Will make pedro’s day. I called Sony and said they better offer psn over there for my buddy and low and behold..

  • Just to add some info.
    a $60 buck title in brazil is charged in this way

    title $60
    shiping $10 (let´s pretend is a cheap shiping)

    $70 + 60% (importing fees)


    Every state has an fee of thery own. In my, for example is plus 17% OVER THAT F****** $112

    so, $60 title costs here $131,40 (plus an other federal fee over International finance operations (IOF) , in this case is 6% over $70).

    and, by the way. Have Fun is translated as “Divirtam-se” not “Divertir-se”

  • Pedro

    I didn’t see THAT coming!

    Great news, but here’s my review:

    + I get an extra 2 welcome back games
    + pricing is cheaper than retail, but more expensive than US PSN Store
    – right now, short list of games available mostly old titles
    – no PS+ (biggest problem as it was the thing I was looking forward to the most)

    I didn’t try it for very long, as I had a very busy weekend, but that’s what I could gather. I’m happy with the news though, I hope the things that are missing don’t take too long to get here, specially PS+

  • @RazielBR: Crazy bazilian prices, huh? Thanks for the “Have Fun” remark. Guess I was thinking in Portuguese and not Brazilian Portuguese, right?

  • @Pedro: PS+ is supposed to launch over there until next year from what I recall. They first want to get the service up and running, gauge consumer response and see what can be done and IF they should introduced it. At least your extra 2 free games is great news!

  • @Eden well, around here the joke is that we are the most rich country in the world!

    About pt-br or pt-pt mather… there is no diference (in this case) on the writing/spelling. It was a matter of conjugation “Divertir-se” is the act of having fun, “Divirtam-se” is the wishing someone to have fun. Belive-me it´s hard to translate even to someone who actually speaks fluent portuguese and english.

    Just one more thing. it´s still misspeled “Divertam-se” is “Divirtam-se” 😀