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Twisted Metal Open Beta Denied |

During a Comic-Con interview with Gamespot, Twisted Metal series creator David Jaffe confirmed that Twisted Metal “doesn’t” need an open Multiplayer beta.

We are planning a private and semi-private beta. A game like Twisted Metal doesn’t require that large of a testing phase and a private beta will give us better, more focused results.

When asked about the possibility of a Twisted Metal Collector’s Edition and the ESRB Ratings, Jaffe denied knowledge of a collector’s edition, but he confirmed the game’s ESRB M-rating.

Twisted Metal is set for October 4th 2011 only on PS3.

  • Pedro

    Not such a big deal imo…

    I appreciate what they try to do with betas, but sometimes it’s released to late and I can’t see how it could change much in the final outcome of the game. I think it’s more of a marketing choice…


    Yeah, I agree. Uncharted 3 was my first Beta and to be honest I had so much fun lol I would love to participate once more.

  • Jay

    when you guys beta test, do you bother reporting issues? Back when I beta tested the first Killzone (those were the days; having to wait until your discs came in via UPS lol), it was a lot of fun, but many of us filled out bug reports and suggestions and Guerilla did a really good job with our feedback


    Guerilla still doing a great job Jay, We get new fixes and improvements every week, Killzone 3 is by far the most unique experience i had online. Hat’s off to the guys at Guerilla and their continuous efforts to deliver superior gameplay day by day.

  • ZFM12

    Well that’s sad news 🙁 Either Way can’t wait for the game