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Sony May Bring the PS Vita’s Activity Feature to the PS3 |

Via Eurogamer, Sony Europes R&D manager has stated that they are thinking about bringing the Playstation Vita’s Activity feature to the Playstation 3. The Activity feature is similar to facebook posts but include activity within games. Your friends will have a chance to comment on them. While this would be a neat feature to add, I’m not 100% sure it would be used on a console as much as a portable handheld device. With that said, I would like to see more similarities in features between the Vita and PS3 to meld them closer together.

  • I disabled FB on ps3 as I visited my page and it was full of 43 trophies and I couldnt see anything lol so is this something thats seperate from FB and only visible via the Vita? If so I wonder if people will really comment on the fact that you grenade killed 5 guys at once etc. People will eat this up for sure.

    Jay’s profile “Mass Effect 2” Shepard had gay relations.
    Comment. Dude?

  • Jason: Jay’s profile “Mass Effect 2″ Shepard had gay relations.
    Comment. Dude?  


    I personally don’t care much about this feature, but it’s cool I think. Specially if it’s not limited to trophies and on a dedicated place on the PSN or something.

  • Oly

    ahahahahaa.. Gay Relations Trophy FTL

  • this should integrate into Playstation forum as it would be so natural