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Who Wants Free PSN Imports?? Win Yakiniku Bugyou and Rapid Angel Here! |

Yakiniku Bugyou and Rapid Angel are two recent PSN PSX Japanese Import games from Monkey Paw games. Hit the Tabs to learn more about the games, and to win one or both games!

[tab:Yakiniku Bugyou]

In Yakiniku Bugyou, you are the aspiring yakiniku, or grilled meat, master! It is basically a barbecue simulation game, sorta like Cooking Mama.

Various customers, plucked from the spectrum of society, line up at your restaurant. There’s a fiery redheaded punk rocker, a number of svelte maidens, and a few plain old fat ones. Each of the 15 patrons have different preferences – rare, medium rare, well done. Overcook the meat and face the wrath of a spurned and furious customer. Do it just right and watch as your patron savors every morsel.

The deep puzzler gameplay requires gamers to strategically place numerous pieces of meat on a grill with different heat levels and carefully flip them to culinary perfection as customers await. Up to 12 pieces of food may be thrown on the grill at once but since the foods appear randomly, one must work quickly to make sure that each customer does not wait too long for their order.

Food that is kept too long on the grill will also tend to stick. Graphical stylings include grill lines on meat when they’ve been sufficiently seared and smoke trails that rise as the meat sizzles.

The game features voice acting to portray emotions of the many patrons that will certainly come hungry. A two-player competitive mode and survival mode also keep the grilling missions fresh and fiery.


[tab:Rapid Angel]

Rapid Angel is a classic Anime style side scrolling game that is sure to bring back memories.

This combination beat-em up and platformer has something special for those with a subtle eye for Japanese ingenuity. The graphics are very stylish and well-crafted. The game play goes back to the old days of running, jumping and fighting, picking up gems and coins for points and food to replenish your life. You can choose between three anime girls to be your heroine, each with her own fighting style.

The characters all have strong personalities and anime fans will fall for their voice. Anime humor is present as well, like the sweat drops appearing on you and the enemy when the enemy does something totally awkward or strange. Attention to detail is a mark of every great game and Rapid Angel will keep you amazed.
The game’s finest features come in the character’s depth. Each heroine has a vast array of moves, blocks, powers and subtle nuances that make the game a unique and long-lasting play.


[tab:Win here!]

Monkey Paw Games has graciously donated 5 PSN codes for each game, and you now have a chance to win one. Please note that the codes are for the USA Storefront only.

Please leave a comment on which ones you are interested in winning.

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Make sure you get all of your entries in.

You have until August 3rd, Midnight MST to get your entries in.
We will pick winners at random on August 4th.

  • both these games are great. I really like yakiniku. Whoever wins them will have a blast =D

  • I can’t believe someone made a good comment about this… I’ll never understand the Japanese…

  • you’re a monkey paw.

  • Yakiniku is a fun time management kind of game. You don’t need to understand japanese to play it

  • oh my god, a grilling game? as if the cooking game category needed any subgenres!

  • @premiersoupir: Let’s not forget this is a PSX game which is older than Cooking Mama!

  • seems pretty nice, would be fun to play on PSP, or vita later on!

  • Can’t beilieve Japan packaged up a BBQ cooking game back in the day and sold it. This seems more like a flash game then a retail game. I DO NOT support Cooking Mama XD

  • I’m definitely interested in Rapid Angel… guess I better start entering.

  • Copy of Rapid Angel please.

  • Yakiniku sounds kinda interesting to me, like a virtual Benihana chef! Mmmm Japanese food is so tasty! I think it will be fun to see what the customers are like, sounds pretty funny.

  • One copy of Yakiniku Bugyou.

  • rapid angel !! something new to try 🙂

  • Rapid Angel

  • Oly

    Winners have been picked and your codes PMed to you here on the site!