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Sony Going All Out To Support Garage Developers on the Playstation Vita |

Garage developer Rubicon has praised Sony and their support on their assistance with their new title Great Little War Game for the IOS and Playstation Vita. Rubicon went on to say that the title is available on the IOS right now and is already completed for the Vita for when it goes on sale.

When asked how they received devkits so fast, Rubicon responded by saying that they showed Sony their new game, they felt it was a good match on the Vita and immediately shipped out four free devkits to Rubicon.

It is currently unknown whether this will be a packaged game or a downloadable one but it is great to see IOS/Android games so quickly made for the Vita and its even greater to see Sony supporting developers along the way. Should this relationship continue between Sony and developers, we should see PSN explode with games.

Source: Neogaf 1, 2, 3

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Update: Via Develop this game will be an ugraded version for the Vita

  • That’s great that they’re supporting smaller developers, especially with free dev kits. Will be cool to get the smaller downloadable games for Vita along with the bigger retail titles.

  • I agree. I welcome the swiss army knife approach. Smartphone games, portable gaming device games and console-esque games.

  • Jay

    damn, free dev kits?! WTG Sony

  • Makes sense since they need all the support they can get for their new portable to have the store up and running ASAP after launch. At least now we’ll get trophies with our iOS ports!


    That is a fantastic move on Sony’s part. Free Dev Kits … That is something. I think Sony have launched a version of PlayStation Move software for researchers and universities, to develop their own motion applications for the PC as well. It seems that there is a vision to support new and fresh ideas. The folks at Sony started to notice the profits on the small apps market … There will be tons of Move apps by next year, its not a bad thing, but it isn’t really what I had in mind for Move …

  • It’s a great MOVE (DERRRR) by Sony to at least get the Vita moving with little developers and no-name stupid games. But after and IF it kicks off. Vita has to bring the hits. I especially hope it has trophy enabled games. Big plus for buying stuff.

  • Why is this game a “no-name stupid game”? It has a metacritic of 84. Reviewers love it. And its not like Sony isn’t bringing the hits. In fact they have a crazy line-up already. I mean do you think they made the most powerful handheld in history to play 99 cent games? lol

  • Jay

    @Eddie: He obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the Vita, since he didn’t even know the games have trophies 😛

  • That’s certainly great news, but honestly I hope garage devs put some more work into some titles… I just don’t wan’t to see more unpolished minis…

    I mean, Sony is going all out to support them, so they should make the best of it and take advantage of that great piece of hardware (which is way better than an iPhone).

  • @Pedro Check out my update. It is an advanced version for the Vita. We also know that Blaz Blue is an advanced copy as it has more characters and missions over the 3DS version.

  • @Eddie, thanks for the heads up!

    But I also meant it in a more general way, for all similar titles, not this one specifically.

  • Oh I agree. But I believe this is a sign of things to come. Super easy to develop for makes devs ready to put more stuff in it. I think you will see this repeat itself several times over.

  • Well done by SONY, I think it’s a good play for support the PSVita. I can’t wait for the day that one of these machines fall into my hands