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House of the Dead: OVERKILL (Extended Cut) – New Level Revealed |

As we’ve mentioned before, House of the Dead: Overkill (Extended Cut) will soon be released (well, as soon as October decides to show up) and while we DID get a preview of all the great things to be included in the new release last time we still had to wait for any information on the new extra level to be featured in SEGA’s Wii port… until today!

The new level (Naked Terror… how fortunate!) will take us into a strip club (classy or trashy? My guess is on trashy), the streets of Bayou City AND a bar (it’s all location, location, location) to kill some more of them zombies while we enjoy the company of Varla and Candy. That’s right, Varla will now be playable (which is why she’s featured on the cover for the game) and she’s joined by her friend Candy (yep, sheee’s a stripper), a young girl with a hearth of gold and the guns to prove it!

New screens for Naked Terror are here as well for you to enjoy!

  • Whaaaat? Where are the sexy zombie strippers?

  • @Pedro: My guess is that they didn’t show them as those screens would have been something Sony wouldn’t agree on for the PS Blog.