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Borderlands 2 Announced! |

I must start this post by saying that it had been a while since I got really excited about playing a game as I’ve gotten playing Borderlands. It hasn’t been long since I’ve owned the game, I got it from the PSN store when the bundle came out on July 19th for only $20 ($15 if you have PS+, I think it’s still available so if you didn’t get it then go get it NOW).

Anyway, the game is great, challenging, nice to look at, creative, has nice RPG elements, LOTS of loot and an enormous amounts of replay value. I can tell you that I’ve been playing the game non-stop since I bought it, with the only exception being a brief GT5 multiplayer with Jay and Dean147. I’ve finished the game twice now (it gives you two distinct play-throughs with different difficult levels) and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I still need to get all the way to level 69 and I just can’t stop looking for better gear to annihilate those poor bastards. Ok, I guess you all got the general idea, Borderlands is above awesome.

I’ve been roaming the Official Borderlands Forums for days, searching for pieces of advice to get me going and help me beat the daring challenges of Pandora and just today I saw a post announcing the Borderlands 2 release, what great news!

It has been officially reveled by Game Informer and it will be the cover story for September so if any of you are interested just go and get it (right now, I’m so jealous of you).

The Official Borderlands 2 website is already up and running, it doesn’t give us a lot, however, it says the game will be released sometime on Take-Two’s 2013 fiscal year (starting April 2012) so there you have it. Gamers will also have the first chance to see Borderlands 2 at Gamescom and PAX Prime 2011 this month and I’m guessing we can all hope some more news comes our way.

  • I talked about this during the last podcast.

    Next year though? Yikes.

  • Hell yeah! The first is a way fun game. And the General Knoxx expansion is a superb example of the kind of DLC that we should expect of publishers. (Horse armor? No thanks!) Can we all forget about the Duke debacle and move forward? Because this is excellent news, and a game that will be a must-buy for me.

  • @Foobear408, sorry Foo didn’t really had the time to listen to it. Yeah, next year (or even 2013) sucks, but beggars can’t be choosers!

    @premiersoupir, I totally agree with you, General Knoxx DLC is pretty great and lengthy adds a lot of content and it wasn’t very expensive (I think it was $10). I don’t think I have to say this is a must buy for me as well.

  • After all the sales the game got at retail and the sales from the bundle (my guess is they sold about 300,000 copies) this makes a lot of sense. I’ll do a trophy run in october once I don’t have as much work and can do 3 hour sessions.

  • Oly

    YES! Great news that we all knew was coming sometime.

    Pedro, even tho Foobear mentioned it, it wasn’t officially announced untill this am.

  • @Eden, I think trophies for this game will be right up your alley. They’re easy overall and don’t require multiple runs (just you to play for half an hour with each different class, but that’s it). The most difficult would be the DLC trophies (which are higher levels and some are a bit boring), but obviously you don’t need those to get a plat.

  • @Pedro: Yep, don’t need the DLC trophies for the Platinum.. but they ARE trophies and you know me! Hehehe. All those trophies for only $15!

  • @Eden, you should be ready to spend a lot more time playing it then ;p One of the DLC is extremely boring and time consuming, I wasn’t patient enough to go trough that one ;p

    but overall they’re all fair, I’ll get the platinum eventually as I’ve gotten most if not all single player trophies already, so it’s just a matter of plugin in a second controller and go for the quick to get co-op ones. I’d just need the viral trophy then, but it seems it’s quite easy to get online…

  • ZFM12

    OMG I have been waiting for to make a second one!!! First one was great!! If you don’t have the game, go get it NOW!!! Thank you for posting this!!!

  • @Pedro: The “online” trophies can be obtained offline with a second controller so that cuts down about 5-6 hours hehehe.

  • @Eden, do you even read my comments ;p

    Pedro: so it’s just a matter of plugin in a second controller and go for the quick to get co-op ones.

  • Easy game to plat. In fact, it’s my only plat, as I don’t have any investment in the trophy reward system in general. So my Borderlands plat was essentially “accidental,” which should indicate how easy it is.


    Hehehe, I’ve heard the news yesterday and I was quite sure Pedro will be excited. I am not a big fan of Boarderlands, but I admire the work the guys at Gearbox have done and the amount of time they spent to get some fine DLC out. To be honest, I want to see Gearbox work on something different for a change. They are extremely talented individuals with an ambitious vision for the industry.

  • This is awesome news, my cousin is most likely working on this game.

  • this is one game i will definitely buy. it was great playing through the first one with friends

  • I’ll wait until the GOTY edition is realased. Or maybe until we get the heavily discounted PSN bundle!

  • I’m excited, but I’ll save my thoughts for the podcast.

  • CALLED IT. Any game that ever gets GOTY is getting a sequel. The End. I don’t care if the main character dies, the game world implodes, and the company that made it goes on fire. A sequel will come.