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Number Of PlayStation Pads Damaged/Broken? |

I remember the days when I used to play my PlayStation all the time rather than go out and hook up with girls and friends of sorts.

I remember wanting to REALLY complete just this one level in order to save the game and head off out to grab my pizza before I get some well deserved rest.

It used to really frustrate me that I just couldn’t complete this or that due to the same silly thing happening again and again on the level – and after attempting it for hours, there goes the pad. Smash!

The wall feels the full force of my frustration and that’s just cost me another £20 or so.

How often have you done such a thing where you’ve thrown your pad across the room, against the wall or you could be creative and try to flush it down the toilet because it was the pad’s fault that you couldn’t get past that level.

I personally have done it too many times. I’ve gone through (from what I can remember) 8 pads since the first PlayStation. Now, I’m a chilled out guy. Can’t get past that level? No problem, I now just sit back and relax.

How many pads/controllers/joysticks have you broken during your lifetime?

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  • I have never broken a controller, but I have thrown a couple during my younger days but I threw it at my bed so it had a nice comfy landing. Now I don’t do that anymore.

  • I’ve worn out a couple of my DS3s. On both, when I press down on L3 (left stick), that also triggers one of the d-pad buttons — typically “down.” Annoying as hell in FPSs, when I press down on the stick to run and then I trigger something else. Oh, and pressing down on the right stick is not reliable, either (which typically means that I don’t use my knife attack reliably). Oh well, I’ve two more DS3s to run into the ground, so the former two just collect dust waiting on times when I’ve more people in the house.

  • One or two have worn out, but I’ve never broken one. Never even thrown one. I just tend to swear. A lot.

  • Sinlock

    The few times I have I throw it at the other couch.

    As for their durabilty I’m happy as a clam.
    I have 2 SIXAXIS from when we got our first PS3 60gb, they still work well enough for most games and I like that their lighter so I use them alot for games that don’t need precise aiming controls.

    We also have two DS3’s that I use for Shooters and Racers. One is getting a bit long in the tooth due to the constant use of L3 (thanks alot inFamous/inFamous2 😛 )
    When it’s time for a new controler I’ll likely get a colored one just to help keep track of from the other 4 Black ones, mabye the Red one or I’ll get the Pink one for the wife.

    But then there’s all the cool inport colors to pick from!!!!!

    Think i’ll go throw a controller into something hard and unyeilding.

  • Since i have to pay for all my gadgets even when i was a kid (my first Atari i get working with my dad) I never tought of trowing my pads/sticks away. Going to the point to disasemble my Atari joystick to play Decathlon (biggest joystick breaker ever).

  • I usually bite mine like a giant cookie. I haven’t been able to chew through one yet.

  • I haven’t done anything like that either, the only pad I’ve ever broken was one of my DS3s when I was rearranging my stuff and a bottle of beer fell on it and soaked it in beer… it took a couple months ’til the controller started working correctly again. Still to this day it jams a little bit when I press L2 and R2.

    I think overall I’m a very chilled gamer (that’s the reason I actually play games, it really relaxes me) even after 4 HOURS trying to beat 1-1 the first time I played Demon’s Souls didn’t get me angry, it actually was what made me go and buy the game, I just needed to beat that game!

  • I broke my analogues during Demons souls by squeezing to hard when I got invaded by a black phantom lol

  • Jay

    Never out of anger. Accidentally broke a couple analog sticks by stepping on them in the dark. I had also worn out the sticks on the DS3 I had (but has since but the dust), so now I am having issues with my sixaxis not being able to keep the left stick neutral (but at least it doesn’t stick like the DS3 was doing). That controller also loses sync every now and then.

  • i never broke one of out anger, but due to frequent uses my X Square and Start and selects started to jam then stop working. ps2 controller that is

  • I’ve never broken a controller in 27 years of gaming.


    I sat on one once … was painful and unexpected!

  • When ever I got mad, I gripped my controller as hard as I could and attempt to throw it. It never worked, cause my parents were the ones supplying me with the controllers, and I knew if I broke one, they would not get me another one for a while. But over the course of time, my PS1 and my original PS2 controllers have died due to some thing wrong with the wires. And that happened just by it self. I own a total of 8 PlayStation controllers. 2 PS1(grey, blue), 2 PS2 ( original black and green), and 4 for PS3 ( 2 sixaxis, one original black Dualshock 3, and 1 late black Dualshock 3.) O and I got move and navigator. Lol with prices so high on controllers, I think I’ll pass on throwing them, because now I would have to pay for them.

  • Ace

    When I do rage, I just scream. I don’t have the money to buy a new controller every time I die in cod.

  • Awesome pic Tosh.

    Wow. I honestly thought there may have been a few who have broken a controller or two out of sheer anger.

    Maybe I need to get counselling. Lol

  • I’ve never broken a controller out of frustration. The only controller I’ve ever damaged, was for the original playstation when the analog sticks first came out there was a 3rd party brand, Pelican I believe, and the directional arrows weren’t like the standard ones. Instead it was a plastic round pad atop a small plastic stick, so basically a joy stick, and it snapped off one day.

    You were always the unlucky one if you had to use that controller when we played multiplayer. We were kids so it wasn’t like getting a new one was easily achievable.

  • I’ve thrown several controllers but they don’t make them like they use to. The ones today wouldn’t have handled my childhood fury.

  • I finally cracked the corner of one of my PS3 controllers playing SSF4 in the fight for 10 in a row. Man that was a bitch. Still works, but check out this story. So I buy a new COntroller/Combo pack because “OOO THIS CONTROLLER SUCKS THATS WHY IM LOSING”. Then later on I win 10 in a row with the same controller I through down in anger one time. Showed my ass.