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The Tester Season 3 Has Been Announced and You Can Be In it! |

SCEA announced today, that casting for season 3 is about to begin. If you are interested in becoming a member of the show, you need to check out to register for your chance at PSN stardom. But that’s not all… The grand prize for the Tester Season 3 this year, is a job at Sony Santa Monica working on an unannounced PS3 title. For more info, check out the Press Release, or the website!

[tab:Press Release]
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA), together with 51 Minds Entertainment, today announced its open casting call for the third season of PlayStation Network’s original competitive reality series, “The Tester”. The nationwide online casting competition invites gamers from across the country to submit a profile for their chance to become a participant in season 3 of “The Tester,” debuting in early 2012. This season, contestants will by vying for a production job on an unannounced title for the PlayStation 3 system, working at SCEA’s world-famous Santa Monica Studio, home of the best-selling God Of War franchise.
“The Tester,” season 3 casting call is open for submissions today and encourages gamers from coast-to-coast to upload photos, videos and short written statements explaining why they deserve a spot on the exclusive reality series. The deadline for “The Tester” cast submissions for season 3 is September 16, 2011.

Additionally, SCEA will hold a casting contest to allow family, friends and fans to vote on cast submissions and ultimately vote one lucky gamer onto the cast for season 3. Mickey Paradis (aka “8bitmickey”) received a majority of the more than 350,000 community votes to become the winner of the first-ever online casting contest for “The Tester” and was a competing contestant in Season 2.

The second season of “The Tester,” produced by 51 Minds, premiered exclusively on PlayStation Network on November 2, 2010. Panelists Brent Gocke, senior release manager at SCEA, and Adrienne Curry, renowned gamer and reality television star, along with weekly guest panelists, decided the fate of the contestants based on their weekly performance. In the end, Matthew Brown (aka “Gaymer”) took home the winning title, beating out the other 11 contestants in a series of physical and mental challenges throughout the eight-episode season and earned a position as SCEA’s newest video game tester in the Quality Assurance department in San Diego, CA. Additionally, as part of his grand prize, Brown received a $5,000 signing bonus, a 46″ 3D Bravia TV, and a limited edition “The Tester” PlayStation 3 system.

For additional information, to submit a profile or to vote on cast submissions, visit:

To catch up on the intense competition of season’s one and two of “The Tester,” visit the PlayStation Store for free downloads of all episodes in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats, or visit

  • Let’s start a campaign and get Jay the job. Just imagine what kind of sweet stuff we could get, i mean, we could giveaway ;p

  • I’d always considered trying out for this the past two seasons, just for fun. I might actually submit an entry this year XD I always enjoyed watching The Tester.

  • I second that Pedro, Jay for the tester! I would love to see someone I know on T.V for a change. Its on T.V right?

  • ZFM12

    Link is broke 🙁

  • Santa monica is working the new GOD of War. Some SONY guy leaked it and got fired for it. Thats what I heard. Well I am still 17 so this is not for me right now. On top of that I am not going to miss senior year of highschool for this lol, no matter how cool it is

  • Sinlock

    Hate to be a buzz kill.

    But Sony really needs to step up it’s production value for this new season. The first season was interesting, but the second season was just so unwatchable that I turned it off in the middle of the 3rd episode. It just seemed to turn into a season of The Real World: Whiney Battle Nerds. One of the contestants didn’t even own a gaming system let alone a PS3!

    They need to shape the show to be a bit more like WGC Ultimate Gamer on SpikeTV was, without the Pro gamer aspect (or the 360).

    …steps off soapbox…