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Vita to miss the 2011 U.S/Europe Release |

According to Associated Press, Sony’s Executive Vice President Kazuo Hirai has now confirmed what most of us were expecting: the PlayStation Vita will launch by the end of the year in Japan… and early next year (2012 just to be extra clear) in the U.S. and European territories.

Kazuo also talked to the reporters at Sony’s Tokyo headquarters about the recently announced 3DS price cut and it’s impact on the final pricing of the Vita at launch:

“There is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.”

Just in case you want to import one for Christmas, the PlayStation vita will be available in Japan by the end of 2011 and it will cost 24,980 yen for its Wi-Fi-only version and 29,980 yen for the “Cell services included” (3G over here with AT&T) version. Those lucky enough to make the trip to Japan can try it for themselves at the Tokyo Games Show in September and see what all the fuzz is about. Oh, and the portable is expected to be region free which is always GREAT news!

  • cool

  • Was expected since they never fully committed to a simultaneous worldwide launch. Problem now is that the 3DS will have a 6-7 million lead before the Vita can get into retailers over here.

  • Not bad! I feel like they’re really going all out with this. The price is right, release data, game line up.

    I hope it does well and I can’t wait to get my hands around one! (however, it’s a shame it won’t release earlier in the US, as I’ll miss my opportunity to get one ]: )

  • @Pedro: What game lineup at launch? No games confirmed yet per se and the Vita missing the holiday sales will put it at the same spot the 3DS is right now since launching on october-november guarantees an extra 2-3 million of sales from the get go.

  • Why should we be surprised they only annoucned a holiday lauch for japan not the U.S. Im kinda worried for the vita now, nintendo pulled a fast one on sony by lowering the price of the 3ds so soon, hell im still shocked.

  • OMG is that someone actually acknowledging that the Vita unlike the 3DS doesn’t have games on the shelf right now? That NEVER happens. Based on the word of mouth the fact that 3DS doesn’t have 15 must have games just instantly meant VITA does.

    And what idiots thought the Vita would be able to drop price to match the 3DS. Analysts were assessing the 3DS at about $100 to make. I’ve always maintained that $250 was a marketing tax. To milk the early adopter. Of course I also predicted the drop would happen in maybe September or October so who can really say what’s going on.

    My ranting aside I if you were interested in the Vita this is kind of a blow. My condolences.

  • Good news. Avoiding the “3DS affect” of no games = small sales as well as dodging the iphone 5/ipad 3 launches as well. Not to mention the already clustered holday season. The only downside to this is I wont’ have one in my hands when I wanted one. Aside from that its all positive.

    @Eden no need to be facetious. All the games we know about right now are launch window games. We also know that Uncharted is a day 1 launch title.

  • Okay good this will give me time to get some money together lol

  • Well now I have more money to spend since this is delayed. Would love to see what games would come at launch now that there is more time before release.

  • Guess I’m getting this in January hopefully. Looks great thus far.

  • This is good people, This fall is packed with good releases! =)

  • @Eddie: Since I haven’t caught you on the live chat I figured I’d say it here… TOLD YOU SO! Hehehe. No way the Vita was going to release worldwide in 2012. Good for Sony since cost per unit on their side will be lower by the time the portable launches in Europe and the US which will also lower their losses per unit. Baaaaad for them since the 3DS will have a huuuuuuge lead after the holiday season is over.

    Uncharted a launch game? Damn, that WIll sell systems!

  • Also, in 2012 my gaming budget is Wii U console and DS, Wii, PS3 and Wii U games. I’m set as far as PSP games is concerned… unless there’s a CE for a very good game. Oh wait, Persona 2 should have a soundtrack on the CE! Damn, brb, have to go sell blood again…

  • Leads are irrelivant except to fanboys. It does not mean one product is a success and the other a failure. It doesn’t even mean one will remain a success. Look at the 360. 9 million unit head start on the Wii and PS3 and now look. Wii passed it and only a short time until the PS3 does as well.

    3DS still has some stigma it needs to get by before it will really take off. Many parents believe the 3D will melt their kids eyes out and no they don’t knwo there is a parental option to turn it off. The game line up minus mario kart and Mario 3D is still sub par.

    and lastly it still has yet to commerically differentiate itself from the DSi in any way.