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Sony’s 3D TV Bundle Swaps Resistance 3 for MotorStorm: Apocalypse |

Insomniac Games have confirmed, via a tweet, that Resistance 3 was replaced with MotorStorm: Apocalypse as part of Sony’s 3D TV bundle scheduled for launch this year.

Aside from the Resistance 3 replacement, the bundle remains the same, as it still includes the PlayStation-branded 3D TV, a pair of 3D glasses, and an HDMI cable for $500.

  • whyyyyy :'( i was still going to buy motorstorm….

  • Still too expensive. I’ll dive into 3D gaming on consoles when TV’s follow the example of the 3DS with a wider viewing angle.

  • Eden, I am not quite sure how much 3D TVs cost in the U.S (I’ll be checking in a second), but aside from the glasses and the Game, $500 for a 3D TV is a damn good price where I live!

  • The size of the TV is kind of just right for gaming, but not fully. I would say around 30-36” is a good size for the screen. I use to play on a 36″ and it was perfect. Now I play on a 55″ and its a pain at times, killing my eyes. For $500 it should be a little more.

  • Honestly I think a 40-42″ would be best. Most people I know have that size for gaming. If they that size for $800 in this current deal.

  • have to say the bundle did get more appealing to me since im not a big fan of resistance but still gonna hold off on and see what happens

  • Good move Sony. Resistance 3 isn’t going to blow us away. We already know motorstorm looks just bananas on a 3d tv already. As far as the size go’s its spot on as 3d adds so much depth you wont even notice. i play on a 45 3d and at times it appears to big.

  • Isn’t that the TV they showcased at E3? Personally I think “24 is a decent size for a monitor, but not for a tv, because you usually play games 2 or 3 meters away from it. I play on a “32 and I think it’s nearly ideal, I’d like to go a bit bigger, but when I play on the “42 I have on the living room it feels too big and I don’t know where to look at.

  • here’s what i don’t like about rich people. many of them feel they have a right to complain. You don’t. a 3D TV, glasses, and a game for $500 and quite frankly the difference between Motostorm and Res3 isn’t going to make anyone’s mind up. If you’re buying this you have enough money to buy both games..and you’re dedicated enough that you will be owning both games. So it doesn’t matter which on you get for free.

    It’s like people who bought a 3DS just to play MML3 and ONLY MML3. Idiots.. it’s not the Wii it won’t ever been sold out for 3 years in a row.. you could have waited until you at least had an official release date.

  • and that wasn’t necessarily directed at fellow commenters here.. but others comments I’ve heard in the gaming community at large.