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Twisted Metal Delayed! |

David Jaffe, Co-Founder of Eat Sleep Play Studio, confirmed via PlayStation Blog that his new game Twisted Metal will be delayed from its original release date and possibly will ship early 2012.

We’re not shipping Twisted Metal October 4th, 2011. We’re going to miss our date. We’re going to be late.

Jaffe talked about putting together a fantastic Twisted Metal build ready for Gamescom and PAX. He also confirmed that they will be showing off a brand new level called Thrills & Spills Amusement Park.

  • I actually think this is GOOD. October/November is too packed with more interesting titles (to me) and I think if it comes out early 2012, it will be a good opportunity to pick it up.

  • Ace

    Yeah, I’m actually really glad this happened. I mean sure it means I gotta wait a bit longer to play it, but I’d rather see twisted metal do good in sales. Either way can’t wait for twisted metal!

  • I was relieved when I heard the news. TM is a must get that I can’t afford, Still saved up for BF3 and Uncharted 3. Man this year is going to be EPIC!

  • Rather them take their time and make this a really polished game. So many good games this fall/winter anyway to play.

  • Thank god. Now I can get one of the other 5 titles releasing that day lol It was funny to see the qore this month and how all games came out the same day. I agree, delay it for awhile to make it all the more better. I hate patch’s 🙂