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Where to Get Your Battlefield 3 Pre-Order Goodies! |

We’ve heard about the pre-order goodies you’re going to get when you order your copy of Battlefield 3. However, over on the Battlefield Blog they’ve listed out in detail what you’re expected to get and where they are supposed to be available.

Here’s the full list:

Gamestop Battlefield 3 pre-order:
GameStop’s pre-order includes the Physical Warfare pack, in addition to the Back To Karkand DLC. If you are part of their PowerUp Rewards, you’ll get a free Prima Battlefield 3 strategy guide as well.

Physical Warfare pack (that’s only included in the Gamestop pre-order in the US):

Amazon Battlefield 3 pre-order:
If you pre-order on Amazon, you’ll receive an exclusive set of dog tags for multiplayer. On top of that, the pre-order includes the Back To Karkand expansion pack.

Dog tags:

Best Buy Battlefield 3 pre-order:
Best Buy offers the same Limited Edition version with Back To Karkand, plus a set of new multiplayer skins — the SPECACT Kit. You’ll receive a code to unlock 8 new multiplayer skins when the game is released.

Comes with free shipping, a shotgun and beret for use in “Battlefield Play4Free,” aforementioned early beta access and the Physical Warfare Pack (but only for the PC download version of the game).

Worth noting that pre-ordering anywhere (or getting one of the first-run Limited Edition copies) will net you a free code to download the “Back to Karkland” map pack, which is probably the most valuable asset of the bunch. But, if you had to pick one of the above retailers, it’s pretty clear that Origin is your best bet if you’re playing on PC, but for console, GameStop is better. Sure, your dog tags won’t be quite as unique, but what good is a pretty dog tag if you’re shot in the head by a super LMG? Honestly, it’s personal choice, so just go with your gut and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

  • cant wait till it comes out

  • someone call the boner police, because i think I’m officially excited.

  • lol – Boner police has been called bro.

    They’re a coming to take you in!

  • What’s that dogtag story all about? I hadn’t heard anything about it until now, sounds interesting.

    It’s great that everyone that pre-orders the game will get the best thing available, that’s really great.

  • From what I believe (I may be wrong here) – DICE may also introduce designing your own dog tags later on.

    Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or bad!

  • Dogtags will represent you on the battlelog! The smart thing to do is to pre-order this game right now!

  • this game looked so stunning. I can’t wait to play it. The dog tag thing is a nice touch, but I didn’t find my self knifing people that much. Still its cool to see custom tags

  • Remember when we used to get figurines, bobble heads, pins, posters, litos, soundtracks or artbooks with our pre-orders? Nowadays Atlus and NISA are the only ones keeping it real hehehe.

  • @eden yea i would rather get artbooks and soundtracks too when i preorder than dlc =[

  • ZFM12

    I sooo want this game to come out now!!!

  • Ace

    Ace updated the post with pictures. Because ace loves pictures. Pictures makes ace’s day. Anyways, I’m getting the amazon pre-order of bf3, because I’ll get release day shipping, and I’ll get some badass dog tags!