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Dead Island [Red Edition] | is offering what seems to be an exclusive collector Edition of Dead Island entitled Red Edition. The Collector’s Edition will include:

A voucher code for a number of pre-order items: Physical Items:
Bloodbath Arena DLC:

  • 4 arenas, dangerous and deadly
  • Never-ending zombie waves
  • Single-or co-op Multip1ayrer
  • Loot experience points and objects and use them in the campaign
  • Challenge your friends out on the leaderboard
  • Including a new, horrible weapon, the brain wave bomb

Special weapon: the Ripper. This deadly combination of a baseball bat and chainsaw makes attacking zombies to finish off in a jiffy.

  • The stylishly designed Steelcase.
  • The “bloodbath” – Case (Messenger Bag).
  • A Dead Island towel, in RED-style.
  • Dead Island Artwork Poster.
  • mints box, Dead Island Style.
  • Dead Island lanyard.

Price for the PS3 version retails at €89.99.

  • So is this early leak? Or AT whatever country that is only?

  • AT = Austria

  • Not crazy about the physical stuff, but that DLC sounds kind of awesome.

  • I am like, whats with the bloody towel? lol I won’t be taking this to the beach any time soon!