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Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition (Europe and Australia) |

Its seems that European and Australian fans are getting a different LOTR treat this fall. EBGames Australia is taking pre-orders for the LOTR: War in the North Collector edition with a little twist on the items included. The Australian fans will be getting a Snow Troll Exclusive figurine instead of the Ranger of the North Quiver Case. The Price for this exclusive edition is $118.00 (That’s Australian Dollars and its equal to $123 U.S) as advertised on the site. The rest of the items will remain the same. As for our European fans, their price is still to be confirmed as no retailers have a listing for it.
You can check our previous post on the LOTR: War in the North CE here.
The LOTR: War in the North will be available on September 1st 2011.

  • HATE International Only CRAP! That statue is boss.

  • I still think the one with the quiver is way cooler.

  • Have to disagree with you Pedro. I’d go with the Statue instead of the Quiver. Wonder how much it would be to import this one…

  • I am with Eden on this one, it seems that there is more exclusive content heading to none U.S gamers recently. As for this CE, Snow Troll>Quiver Case

  • Europe gets this as well. Updated with that info.

  • Going to import this for pops. He think lotr items are like pokemon and he must have them all 🙂

  • Ace

    They’re still making lord of the ring games! 😛

  • I wonder if US will be getting a cool CE like this. But this does look sweet. I’m a big fan of artbook and statues