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Releases for the Week (August 8th-14th) |

Welcome to the new a new week of exciting releases for the PS3! There’s so much to talk about that I’ll just get right to it and allow you to comment to get things going:




Farcry 2



That’s right, you’ll get nothing but Far Cry 2, a game released on October 21, 2008. What is the price? Don’t know but it could be $19.99-29.99 as has been the case with full retail releases on the PSN.

Sony better give us one hell of a list of PSN discounts, bundles and price drops for their current content or else it will be a “why bother?” week.


  1. I’ve heard many good things about Farcry 2, but haven’t played the game myself.

    If only I had more HD space I might be willing to get it, but I don’t so…

  2. Yeah, game itself is fun (but broken and glitchy for trophy runs) but not having a single minis, PSN, PSX or current retail release for the week is odd.

  3. another dry week! weak!
    and why not continue the reduplication: hey Eden, get a new “new!” banner! 🙂

  4. @premiersoupir: But, but this one is so bad it’s awesome! Hahaha. I can’t make a banner if my life depended on it so I’ll ask around the site and see who can come up with one.

  5. the problem about farcry to me was that the game was too huge. Still its a fun game grappling everything

  6. FarCry 2? Isn’t that online community D.E.A.D. DEAD? Crazy PSN guys….

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