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Releases for the Week (August 8th-14th) |

Welcome to the new a new week of exciting releases for the PS3! There’s so much to talk about that I’ll just get right to it and allow you to comment to get things going:




Farcry 2



That’s right, you’ll get nothing but Far Cry 2, a game released on October 21, 2008. What is the price? Don’t know but it could be $19.99-29.99 as has been the case with full retail releases on the PSN.

Sony better give us one hell of a list of PSN discounts, bundles and price drops for their current content or else it will be a “why bother?” week.

  • I’ve heard many good things about Farcry 2, but haven’t played the game myself.

    If only I had more HD space I might be willing to get it, but I don’t so…

  • Yeah, game itself is fun (but broken and glitchy for trophy runs) but not having a single minis, PSN, PSX or current retail release for the week is odd.

  • another dry week! weak!
    and why not continue the reduplication: hey Eden, get a new “new!” banner! 🙂

  • @premiersoupir: But, but this one is so bad it’s awesome! Hahaha. I can’t make a banner if my life depended on it so I’ll ask around the site and see who can come up with one.

  • the problem about farcry to me was that the game was too huge. Still its a fun game grappling everything

  • FarCry 2? Isn’t that online community D.E.A.D. DEAD? Crazy PSN guys….