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Assassin’s Creed Revelation Beta for PS+ Subs. Starts on September 3rd |

A new Assassin’s Creed game is in the works and since now Multiplayer is such a huge part of the franchise… it’s time for a Beta! As is the case pretty much every single time, PS+ Subscribers will get access to it before anyone else… on September 3rd. Was is included in this Beta? Let’s see!


Nine characters are available in the Beta which are all unlocked for your use at the outset. Though they share the same overall behavior, their animations differ and their ability sets are customizable. Available Characters include: The Sentinel, The Vanguard, The Guardian, The Vizier, The Thespian, The Deacon, The Bombardier, The Trickster and The Champion.


Three maps are available in the Beta and are all unlocked from the outset. Be sure to pay attention to their layouts in-game as these maps have been tuned to allow more strategy than those in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (it’s easier to break line-of-sight, for example).

· Knight’s Hospital

· Antioch

· Constantinople

Four modes are available in the Beta and are all unlocked from the outset. Two of these modes are returning favorites from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, while the other two are brand new modes designed in response to player feedback. Available Modes include: Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch (NEW), and Artifact Assault (NEW).

Eight Abilities are available in the Beta, but only some are available initially while others must be unlocked by increasing your rank. Although some Abilities return from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, you may notice some slight tweaks resulting from player feedback. Available Abilities include: Tripwire Bomb (NEW), Closure (NEW), Disguise, Fire Crackers, Throwing Knives, Smoke Bomb, Poison and Morph.

  • very cool! I look forward to checking out the new game. I wasn’t a huge fan of the AC2:B multiplayer experience, but it wasw a refreshingly new take on deathmatching. Anyway, anyone know if AC3 will be using a new graphical engine, or if Ubi is sticking with the AC2:B engine?

  • I’ll probably get this eventually, but I’m not interested in the beta.

    For the first time I’ll wait a couple weeks to get an AC game , as AC:B really let me down.

  • @Pedro: Would be interested to hear your rationale. I’m with you: AC2 was better than AC2:B. I loved the different cities with their unique aesthetics, and the Templar temples were better platforming playgrounds than the Romulan temples. But AC2:B had undeniably better graphics, and the fighting mechanics were improved as well. Didn’t care much for the multiplayer, but I like the concept, and I can certainly appreciate that other people might well love it. Oh, I also preferred upgrading Montereggioni to upgrading Rome piecemeal (though I like the Borgia tower control idea). Also nice that one could go to any bank to withdraw money when the coffers fill rather than returning home. But having a “home” — my own personal villa — was just more awesome.

  • Well let me break it down, overall I feel exactly the same way as you, but here it goes:

    Upgrading Montereggioni was a lot more interesting and dynamic than upgrading a handful of stores around Rome. Every building constructed, shop upgraded really seemed like it brought something new, treasures and citizens, while upgrading shops in Rome was pretty lame.

    Combat was greatly improved with AC:B, it played better and more fluently, didn’t feel as “scripted”, better AI, better animations only thing I wasn’t crazy about was ranged attacks, as they took the fun of it if you decided to use them freely. I also really enjoyed having different types of weapons to play with, I particularly liked dual-hand swords.

    Graphics were definitely a lot better too, great texture work and level design, characters looked a lot more realistic and animations were way better, lighting was great too.

    The story is what really fell short imo, while in AC2 we got to know Ezio, and his background and how the Assassins guild worked as whole as well as the efforts put into finding the Apple and bringing down the corrupt templars was really great and at the same time, training Desmond to become the assassin he was meant to be while running away from that bald doctor was a good fun too, all the secondary characters we’re decent as well. Oh, almost forgot about Da Vinci, his part was great and having him create some new tools (more importantly dual blades) was very cool.

    AC:B story is something else entirely, first of all, how did Rodrigo Borgia survive? I had never seen Ezio fail to kill someone and he kills him exactly the same way as he kills everyone else… The whole things just felt rushed and was more like “oh, let’s wait until I get a chance to kill him” rather than an actual story. Desmond’s tale was even worse and that last bit at the Coliseum… I won’t comment on that.

    I didn’t like the Romulan temples a bit and they made me miss the churches, the platforming was weak and easy, no stealth kills as those wolf-hooded enemies always knew were you were and the prize at the end didn’t feel anywhere as worthwhile as altair’s armor.

    Da Vinci’s part was lame, and after you got all the upgrades he would still sit there and say “Not now Ezio, I don’t have anything new for you” and never again appear, this felt really rushed imo.

    Rome, however big it was, felt like more of the same and repetitive at times, while I loved the diversity of all Italian cities in AC2.

    Finally, your fellow Assassins, why do we need them anyway? Even thought I enjoyed sending them out on missions and using them to fight, they were utterly useless. If you felt like it, you could finish the game without having even one at your side and theoretically you needed to have them by your side, what’s up with that? This really felt like a stunt by the end of the game, it didn’t bring anything important to gameplay or the story.

    While I won’t deny AC:B has improvements (graphics and combat) all the things that made the other games great (story, level design, assassinations) felt like a big step back.

    Honestly, I do hope they fix it for AC:R because I really like this franchise and I can see a lot of potential going on here. Oh yeah, Altair > Ezio.

  • Still need to finish AC II and then go with Brotherhood.

  • I just beat brotherhood a few min ago i def gotta play this with it comes out. But I’m not really sold on the multiplayer. I’ll try it out though when the beta is out

  • I’ve never Played AC multiplayer o_O I played the first two games single player campaigns. Didn’t get the third, probably won’t. As for this beta thing, I am sure we’ll have a full month in hand with a few major releases and BF3 beta =D Honestly, There is something fishy about a PSN exclusive beta for a multi-platformer!

  • When you have so many releases within a years time you run the risk of wearing out the fan’s. Im personally tired of the series and trying to decipher wth is going on. From the psp release to the expansion but not expansion brotherhood. I recall the first game and how amazed I was and the story was laid out so painlessly. Now its turned into a cash cow and I dont feel the need to support it any longer. 1 will always be the best in my eyes for its epic ending on the battlefield and the conclusion in the courtyard