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Limbo Contest Winners |

We had 102 total entries in our Limbo giveaway. Congratulations to our 3 winners:

You codes have been sent via PM here on the site.

Here is a video of me randomly selecting the winners. LimboWinners

Make sure you read all of Ace’s review of Limbo here.

  • yeah video entries make all the difference! #winning

  • congrats to the winners =D

  • Oly

    HAHA.. 2/3 guys who made videos and maxed out their entries won. Darklurkr23 on the otherhand only had 2 entries, Facebook and Twitter.. lol

  • Psh, mine didn’t! XD but congrats to the winners! Now that it’s over, I’ll be able to download it.

  • My moma told me I am a winner! Thanks for code, the video entry payed indeed!

  • congratulations to the winners!

  • congrtaz to the winners!

  • congrats guys

  • Damn I just posted a vicorty post on the Dead Block page. Didn’t see this (der) Well as usual, thanks so much, and I have to say I thought I had NO CHANCE at winning this with the contest wins lately. But I guess it is truely random cause my lottery ticker said I have like a 2% chance last time I checked XD Thanks so much again!

  • Oly

    lol @Darklurkr23 I’m pretty sure you had the least number of entries in the whole thing 😎 it is def random

  • congrats ! <--walks away with head bowed