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Saint’s Row: The Third 8 Minutes of Game Play |

Here is a full 8 minutes showcasing the second mission in the game, “Freefalling.” Enjoy!

Warning: Foul language and lots of violence ahead!

International celebrities, media magnates, and notorious crime lords… the Third Street Saints are an empire, and it didn’t take the Syndicate long to notice. After the Saints rob a Syndicate-owned bank, the Syndicate springs its trap, capturing you and chief lieutenants Johnny Gat and Shaundi. On board a Syndicate jet, its leader makes you an offer, an offer you can’t help but refuse. In Freefalling, the second mission in Saints Row: The Third, fight your way through the jet, skydive over Steelport in an aerial battle royale, shoot out the cockpit of an attacking jet, steal a parachute, and finally catch Shaundi before she drops into Steelport, literally.

Saints Row: The Third will be released on the PS3, Nov. 15, 2011.

Source: Press Release

  • Best scene ever, if I had a slight of doubt of purchasing this game, I don’t any more! the targeting system needs a little tweaks, but this was one action packed trailer!

  • And this is just the 2nd mission in the game! Just imagine what kind of crazy stuff will they have further in!

    @Cheeto, totally agree with you, targeting system seems a bit off to me as well, but honestly, you freakin’ fly trough a airplane on mid air, what else do we need?

  • That was SICK but damn why does it have to come out in November. So many games are coming out that month. You got U3 11/1, Skyrim 11/11, MW3 11/8, something else is coming out but i cant think of it now, plus this. My wallet will have moths coming out by december.

  • me likey

  • @royalty Assassins Creed Revelations is also due in November. I’ll prolly pick SR3 for on my pc

  • Awesome trailer, worth a watch and I’m going to have to pick this up for sure now lol