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Win Dead Block for the PSN |

“How can we describe “Dead Block” in a single sentence? Tower Defense with a 3rd Person camera that has you fight against a horde of zombies. I LOVE Tower Defense games, have a keen understanding of why zombies make any game better and was curious to see if a deep fried and chocolate covered peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be as awesome as it sounds. Turns out it IS!” – Eden.

Make sure you read all of Eden’s review of Dead Block here.

If you haven’t yet bought Dead Block, here is your chance to own it for free!!

We have two codes to giveaway and plenty of chances to enter. Hit the jump for all the details. Good luck!

Please note that the codes may be for the USA Storefront only.

  • [Worth up to 5 Entries] Click the button above to buy lottery entries with points earned on Each ticket is 150 points each. Please donate only once a day. Here are all the possible ways to earn points.
    • After you donate, refresh the page to see your entry in the list on the right. On the left, you can see your chance of winning the lottery, points spent on the lottery, and how many times you entered the lottery.
  • [Worth 1 Entry] Follow @ps3blogdotnet & @DeadBlockGame on Twitter. On the lottery page there will be a tweet button. You just have to click that & tweet the exact text in the pop-up. Then a notification will pop up saying your entry was successful. Press OK & your entry is complete.
    • This will cost you 12 points
  • [Worth 1 Entry] First be a fan of our our Facebook page. On the left sidebar there is a [Giveaway] link. Go there & at the bottom there is a “Enter Contest” button you can click for your Facebook entry. While your at it Like Dead Block’s Page as well. Note: Make sure you’re logged into before you click the button.
    • This will cost you 10 points
  • [Worth 1 Entry] Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We will post a bulletin. Follow the link & it will count as your YouTube entry. Note: Make sure you’re logged into before you click the link.
    • This will cost you 8 points
    • You get a bonus 3 entries if you make a funny video saying why you want to win. Just link to it in the comments below.

Make sure you get all of your entries in.

You have until August 16th, Midnight MST to get your entries in.
We will pick winners at random on August 17th.

  • Ok, I want a copy!

  • This looked pretty cool 😀 Zombies FTW! And oh yea, what a score with that Limbo contest! Last time I checked, i had like a 2% chance of winning. Friggin Luck-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE right here! XD I don’t think I’ll go to crazy on this one though, cause I JUST won. What’s the chances of winning again unless it’s true picked by computer XD

  • I’ll be sure to participate, this game looks fun! (still need to read the review though)

  • @Pedro: You should ALWAYS read the review before entering the giveaway!

  • I played the demo numerous times, this is one of the more fun games on psn

  • Entered thanks. Game looks fun. 🙂

  • wrong spot.. here first.. twitter, fb and YT count me in.