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God of War: Origins Collection on PS3 |

Remember when we got the GoW Collection a while back and we were very happy about playing the original PS2 releases in HD and 60 fps on our PS3 WITH trophy support? Well, now it’s time for the PORTABLE God of War games to get the same treatment!

First we have a video showing us how different things really are when porting a PSP game into a PS3 engine:

[spoiler intro=”God of War: Origins Collection” title=”WARNING. Explicit content”]


Impressive, right? I already own both games on the PSP but have yet to start either (due to all the reviews that need to be taken care of) so I MIGHT consider buying this if I get a good enough price on my copy of Chains of Olympus (Ghost of Sparta was a digital purchase at $20) and this collection is set at $40 or lower. Gotta collect all the trophies and enjoy the HD graphics!

Nathan Phail-Liff , Art Director from Ready At Dawn Studios (they worked on the original portable versions and are now doing the ports) has this to say:

Re-mastering both of the God of War PSP games in full HD for the PS3 God of War: Origins Collection definitely had its share of challenges for us. The first goal we had was simply the daunting task of up-rezing the engine and content authored on a PSP running at 480 x 272 resolution and 30 frames per second to 1920 x 1080p at a steady 60 fps on the PS3. This required a custom PS3 version of our engine, coded in-house exclusively for the Origins Collection, as well as a painstaking process by art team. We ended up going through every single character in the game and doubling or tripling polygon count by hand, as well as up-rezing and re-painting every texture across both games at 4x resolution on both characters and environments.

Being gluttons for punishment, we also decided from the beginning of the project that just re-mastering content from PSP resolution to 1080p wasn’t necessarily challenging enough (as a quick aside…we were wrong), so we also wanted to take advantage of our custom PS3 engine and try to implement full stereoscopic 3D support. After a first pass of 3D implementation and careful playthroughs of both games in 3D, we identified certain trouble areas with and addressed them with techniques such as near-screen fading on certain particles and camera focal plane compensation for a smooth and enjoyable 3D experience. The quality of the final result of the 3D on the Origins Collection so surprised us that it actually sold myself and a number of others on the team 3D TVs in general. Personally I wouldn’t want to play the games any other way after being able to experience it firsthand.

So, what do you think? Enough of an improvement and worth your money?

  • Yeeaahhh….. no.

    Sorry but I’ll be skipping this, doesn’t look great and I’m not the biggest GoW fan.

  • The video does show a lot of improvement in framerate and graphics and you KNOW I love trophies. Might wait until it’s $20-30 next year as I’ve got a huge backlog right now. Just have to sell my PSP copy of Chains of Olympus for $10 hehe.

  • @Jason: Yep, the new video changed my mind about the collection hehehe.

  • lol fair enough bud

  • ZFM12

    Hell Yeah It’s Worth My Money. Now i just need a job hehe

  • @ZFM12: Wait, didn’t you have part-time job already?

  • These two games were great on the psp. Everyone thats a GOW IMO shouldn’t miss out on these two adventures.

  • Wait I heard that the PSP titles WERENT getting trophies? EXPLAIN

  • Sinlock

    Like Darklurker said,
    I’d like to hear more about their change of heart regarding trophy suppory.

  • @Sinlock. If we’re talking about the same thing, here it is: These are 1st party PSP ports (of a huge Sony franchise) and as such WILL get trophy support. You’ll get two platinums as was the case with the last GoW Collection. Other PSP ports are up to each publisher as we have seen that the Monster Hunter one won’t have trophy support

  • Well if they port Hell’s Kitchen to the PS# they BETTER HAVE TROPHIES XD