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Batman: Arkham City – Mr. Freeze Reveal |

Many remember him for his awkward participation in the movie Batman & Robin (1997), played by none other than the Governator himself in all his fuzzy slippers glory. This time, it seems like Mr. Freeze is really here as a great menace to The Bat. So be sure to check out this new Arkham City Reveal Trailer.

It really seems that Dr. Victor Fries is stepping up his game in order to save his beloved wife. Do you think he’ll be the cold blooded killer to put down the great Batman, or should he change his name to Mr. Breeze? We’ll all find out when the game comes out 10/18/2011 (that’s October 18th in case you’re not American).

  • Mmm, should I pre-order the CE or wait for the Wii U version? Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions.

  • lol Eden, honestly you wanna bring that up?

  • Id say wii-u for any multiplatform titles man. Go to where its going to be the best. As a gamer the specs dont lie the wii-u is steps above ps3 and 360 and is a must buy for multiplatform gaming at its best

  • Well, I just hope Wii-U get’s all multiplatform games not only the kind of titles that go to the Wii today…

  • @Jason: Yep, and I do have to consider extra content included on the retail Wii U release (which would probably be a “Game of the Year” Edition) since we’ve had a sorta confirmation of DLC available for the game for at least 6 months if not more.

  • On the other hand, the artbook and statue aren’t confirmed to be included on the Wii U version soooo….

  • Why wait for the wii-u version when itll be the same game as the 360 and ps3. Its not building built from the ground up for wii-u so its more than likely gonna be a port. @ Jason i havent seen any specs on the wii-u yet so where are u getting ur info from by saying that multiplatform will look better on wii-u, plz send link. All ive heard is that its slightly more powferful than the ps3 but that could be a bunch of things, cpu, gpu, memory, etc. Not tryin start shit im just curious.

    Now to comment on the trailers, to me they could of dne a better design for mr freeze but still this game is gonna be BADASS!!!!

  • @Royalty32: Vigil, the developer behind Darksiders II, has said again and again that the Wii U is easy to develop and that they already got the game up and running on Wii U and will be able to port in the textures and extra jazz available to them from the PC assets. You also have to consider the Wii U controller and what the touchscreen can be used for (hacking, video “conversation” with allies, tapping into police frequency, touchscreen based puzzles, being able to play the game on the controller should someone need the TV, etc.).

  • Wii-U certainly features great hardware and possibilities, but unfortunately we still have to wait and see if the developers are really willing to invest extra money/work into it.

    I don’t think all devs will be creating new stuff for the Wii-U controller…

  • Not ruling what u said out Eden but for me to say that one game looks better than the other i must see them side by side. Also im not saying that the wii-u isnt more powerful than the ps3( hell it better be) but what can be dne on the wii-u cant it also be dne on the ps3.

  • @Royalty32: From a technical point and just as some speculation on my part… mmm, better lighting effects, bump mapped textures, more true shadows, longer draw distance and more polygons on screen. E3 2012 will be a very interesting week.

  • always liked Freeze as a character.

  • Ajescent

    News just in: A radical group of gamers are claiming that Graphics/specs don’t make the game, gameplay and enjoyment do, more at 11.

  • ajescent: News just in: A radical group of gamers are claiming that Graphics/specs don’t make the game, gameplay and enjoyment do, more at 11.  

    What’s your position? Couldn’t really get it from your comment…

  • ZFM12

    This game keeps on getting better and better!!

  • Omg this game looks like Sex Incarnate. Seriously FREEEZE IN HELL BAT-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

  • Yea this game is GOTY

  • I second that notion, GOTY!