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Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer and Info on a Live Demonstration |

“Meet Salvador the Gunzerker and get a glimpse of the exciting new locations and enemies that await on Pandora,” in this just released teaser trailer for Borderlands 2. Snow!! …and grassy fields! I can’t wait!

The game is set to be released in 2012, and will definitely be on my “first day of release” buy list. If you haven’t played the first Borderlands, you can pick up the Game of the Year Edition on the PSN for only $15!!

Make sure you check back this Wednesday, August 17, for some screenshots, and then this Friday, August 19th at 8PM Pacific, 2K Games and Gearbox Software are going to broadcast a live demonstration of Borderlands 2 and answer questions from fans. This stream will be viewable here.

  • Man I couldn’t be more excited! I simply loved the first game!

    This is #2 on my most anticipated list until 11/11/11 after that #1.

  • lookin’ good! hope the live broadcast is made available later.

  • Once I’m done with Wizardry I’ll give Borderlands a spin.

  • @EdEN you’re sure to like it! All those easy trophies seem right up your alley ;p

  • @Pedro: But, but.. the DLC trophies are much harder!

  • @EdEN the only “hard” ones are from the Moxxi Underdome DLC, the other are more or less story related and some other simple ones.

    But the problem with Moxxi’s DLC is not that the trophies are hard, they’re just boring as hell… sitting through 360 waves of enemies is not fun…

  • @Pedro: Don’t the ones for Clapp Trap Revolution take a lot of item farming as well?

  • Well, I haven’t really played much of that DLC, but in like 5 minutes i got a bunch of stuff so I don’t think so… farming is such a big part of Borderlands anyway…