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inFamous 2 : Festival of Blood Announced (Update: Trailer and It Will be Standalone) |

During the Sony Press conference at GamesCom this morning, Sucker Punch revealed that inFamous 2: Festival of Blood would be coming this October to the PSN. Sony is calling it a “brand new game”, but didn’t mention if it will be standalone game or require Infamous 2 to play. (UPDATE: Sony has confirmed that this will be a standalone game, meaning neither inFamous nor inFamous 2 will be needed to play.)

Festival of Blood involves a vampire invasion of New Marais. Cole MacGrath has been bitten and infected, and only has till sunrise to find and kill the head vampire.

Sony says there will be “hours” of new gameplay as well as new environments and enemies to encounter.

  • awesome! would love some more infamous action.

  • Ajescent

    Infamous 2: Vampires ftw!!

  • Oh boy…

  • wierd

  • ZFM12

    What’s better then Zombies??? Vamps!!!

  • ZFM12: What’s better then Zombies??? Vamps!!!  

    No way.

  • I’m not sure I really want to delve back into infamous 2 just to see some bloodsucking. I would honestly prefer zombies

  • It sounds like DLC with the “hours of fun” statement but they’re probably saying it’s a new game since it’s “story driven” DLC.

  • And we don’t know a price either. Could be $5. Could be $20.

  • ZFM12

    I know Pedro >.< Still should be fun

  • A PSN release is always welcome. Price still to be seen. Looks decent, but the trailer doesn’t reveal much of the gameplay.

  • I’m not convinced by that video.

  • Sony needs to get its act together. Don’t call it DLC if it’s stand alone. Call it a PSN game as is the case with Quest for Booty.

  • I can’t find any reason why

  • There’s no reason for this not to be a DLC. Despite the fact anyone can download it, they’re possibly sacrificing many things like game engine and graphics…

  • Sinlock

    Pedro: Despite the fact anyone can download it, they’re possibly sacrificing many things like game engine and graphics…

    I’m not sure of the basis of your reasoning for this statement. The download size for the demo is 2.5gb and the full game is 15gb.
    The game engine was the same and I’d wager that most the storage diffrence is from audio files and textures and structures that were removed from areas you couldn’t get to in the demo.

    As for the vampire theme, I’d guess that we’ll seen underground levels introduced back into the game like what was seen in inFamous. That would further cut down the size required if Sucker Punch cuts accase to some of the islands featured in inFamous 2.

  • @Sinlock, I’ll have to agree, I wasn’t taking that into consideration. Then I think it’s for the best, or is it? I don’t know… I’d like to have it incorporated into the game as both could take advantage of each other (skills and things like that), but maybe that can still be done?