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New Battlefield 3 Trailer With Jets! |

Woo hoo! EA just dropped a new trailer for Battlefield 3, giving us the first look at jet gameplay. It looks outstanding! So much action in this trailer, you better buckle up because Battlefield 3 is about to rock your world with explosions! Oh and at 1:33 you’ll see wall-e running into a wall.

  • DAMN!!!! Everytime i see a BF3 video its getting harder and harder to defend MW3. I just watched 12 min of co-op running on ps3 and man to say the least its looks outstanding. Im still a CoD fan at heart but shit BF3 has defintly got my attention now but as always MW3 FTW.

  • wow this trailer looks so awesome. Seeing so many vehicles in action makes me giddy. I hope flight controls will be kind of easy to control because I know I want to be playing inside a Jet

  • That’s one awesome trailer.

  • <--- Drools all over himself like a kid in a candy store

  • I’ve just had to change into my spare underwear – to put it politely.

    Jaw dropping for sure. Glad I preordered it when it was announced!

  • ZFM12

    All I Have to Say is Pure Awesomeness!!!!

  • omfg