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New Battlefield 3 Trailer With Jets! |

Woo hoo! EA just dropped a new trailer for Battlefield 3, giving us the first look at jet gameplay. It looks outstanding! So much action in this trailer, you better buckle up because Battlefield 3 is about to rock your world with explosions! Oh and at 1:33 you’ll see wall-e running into a wall.


  1. DAMN!!!! Everytime i see a BF3 video its getting harder and harder to defend MW3. I just watched 12 min of co-op running on ps3 and man to say the least its looks outstanding. Im still a CoD fan at heart but shit BF3 has defintly got my attention now but as always MW3 FTW.

  2. wow this trailer looks so awesome. Seeing so many vehicles in action makes me giddy. I hope flight controls will be kind of easy to control because I know I want to be playing inside a Jet

  3. That’s one awesome trailer.

  4. <--- Drools all over himself like a kid in a candy store

  5. I’ve just had to change into my spare underwear – to put it politely.

    Jaw dropping for sure. Glad I preordered it when it was announced!

  6. All I Have to Say is Pure Awesomeness!!!!

  7. omfg

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