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How much do you love the NFL? |

Sony has announced that PS3 owners will have the opportunity to pay A LOT of money to enjoy HD NFL games not available anywhere else!

Exact details after the break:

How do you get in the game? At the start of the season, viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV will be able to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at the season price of $339.95. Existing DIRECTV customers can access the service on their PS3 for an additional $50 and use the PS3 as an additional receiver for your home.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV-exclusive sports package that offers:

* Up to 14 NFL games every Sunday
* Full HD for every football game
* DIRECTV’s Red Zone Channel

So, how happy are you to pay over $300 to watch as many NFL games as possible on sunday?

  • I love football and could watch it all day on Sundays. This would break down to about $68 a month (Sep – Jan). Not bad for all the games in HD. just wondering if the games can be recorded and watched at a later time incase I’m not there to watch it.

  • This is only for Hardcore Football lovers. I love football, but not enough to cough up this much money. I watch the steelers and that is all!!!

  • I love my football and all but I don’t think I would be willing to pay that much to watch the cowboys (I live in NY)

  • It’s a bit pricey, but I might have to get this. I have always wanted this package, but I don’t want Satellite TV. This is the only way to watch the best games. Unless I want to sit in the local pub and watch. I just wish they would offer this on a week to week basis. I go to all the home games, and won’t be watching on TV at all, so that means I’m only gonna use it for half of the season.

  • wow that’s waaay expensive! That’s more (double) than i pay for phone+internet+cable(4 points)!

  • Someone mentioned that you can go to and buy a “Rewind Pass” which let’s you watch games after they’ve aired which could take care of FrogmanTM and is way cheaper.

  • psedoali

    hmm I dont know if this is entirely accurate. I think it may come to a little cheaper. I know Directv may charge more than they do their customers, but NFL made it cheaper for them to access it this year. I hear it will be closer to $300, over all I feel it is a good deal. I bought season tix for one team in 2007 and it was $520. As one poster said recently its cheaper than going to a bar every sunday and having food and drinks. As for the guy who said his cable/internet/phone is cheaper; cable – if you break it out is way more expensive on a monthly basis and most of the stuff you get you never watch or your not interested. I’m a cord cutter and came up with about $1300/year for cable, even with hulu and ordering from amazon seasons of shows I watch (4total) I still come out way over half of what my yearly cable bill would be (that’s if I buy Sunday ticket as well)

  • @psedoali: Netflix, Hulu and Amazon can indeed help lower the cable bill. As for the NFL season ticket, I’m not much of an NFL fan, so I skipped this one.