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Gamescon Asura’s Wrath Gameplay trailer |

Capcom and cyberconnect2 have shown off some new screens and videos at gamescon (over at Cologne, Germany) today for our viewing pleasure. These should wet your appetite for all the violence that will hit some time in 2012 (did any of you get one of the white wigs CAPCOM gave out at the San Diego Comic Con?).

Trailers and images after the break.

Product information

With unprecedented levels of dynamism, drama and interaction, Asura’s Wrath will deliver a fresh take on the action gaming genre. Once a revered deity, Asura was betrayed by his fellow gods and stripped of all his powers. Consumed by anger at the injustice he has suffered and swearing vengeance, Asura discovers he can use this fury to his advantage and turn it against his enemies. Cue relentless action as Asura finds himself facing off against numerous unique enemies, including planetary sized bosses, unleashing devastating and visceral attacks. Asura’s Wrath loses the traditional distinction between gameplay and cutscenes through seamless player controlled narrative. Simply put, even in cinematic sequences the player can control Asura, directly affecting the gameplay, making Asura’s Wrath a truly unique experience.

New type of action game – Asura’s Wrath will seamlessly blend action and narrative and will adopt an episodic nature, more akin to a TV drama series.
Relentless action – Asura’s Wrath keeps placing gamers in tight situations and says now get out of that.’
What the…? – Unique enemies and planetary sized bosses will continually challenge players’ expectations.
Innovative setting and story – Fusing Asian mythology with sci-fi, Asura’s Wrath’s universe will be truly unique.
Collaboration with CyberConnect2 – Continues Capcom’s strategy of partnering with the best developers to produce titles to complement its own internal projects.


  • This game does not look right to me… there’s something really odd about it…

  • I want this game NOW!! I ve been following this game ever since it was announced and it keeps gettin better and better evry time i see it. The action in this game could even rival all the big boys like GoW3, Devel May Cry, etc…. HURRY UP WITH THIS GAME.

  • this looks like one crazy messed up game…will have to wait and see what else they show us before i put it on my purchase list

  • Father, son issues … lets tear down the universe! I Cant’t wait to play this game, I’ve been waiting for a gameplay trailer for quite sometime now since the last trailer I’ve seen …

  • @cheeto holy s**t! That’s one powerful dude!

  • Anybody smell Spiderman? XD Na it looks pretty cool. But also it does look yet ANOTHER Japanese game about 2 random people fighting about POWER. It’s always about POW-WAAAHHHH. Etc XD