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The Walking Apocalypse Trailer |

THQ has released yet another insane, over-the-top, action-packed trailer for Saints Row: The Third. The new trailer introduces the wrestler/luchador, Kill Bane, who is also known as “The Walking Apocalypse,” and his Luchadores gang who want to protect Steelport from The Saints and keep it under the influence of The Syndicate.

It’s a combo of big guns, explosions and wrestling, which could could turn into a major diaster. This trailer also features the voice of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan as Angel De LaMuerte.

  • Oly

    oh Ace (rel=0&wmode=transparent&) 😉

  • I’ve pre-ordered this (and other 14 games) yesterday, I hope it’s as awesome as it looks ;p

  • Pedro wants to sell a kidney… any takers? Hehehe.

  • Oly

    holy smokes.. isn’t that like $1500 for u there in Brazil? lol What games?

  • Jay

    As much as I enjoyed the previous Saints Row titles, this one is looking to take everything to eleven. Totally looking forward to this one lol.

  • Ace

    Oly: SWEET!!!
    oh Ace (rel=0&wmode=transparent&);-)   

    Um I already used the transparent code…

  • @Oly, i Pre-ordered them in the US ;p at least one good thing about my girlfriend being there for such a long time. So in the end it was more like $1100 because of some Collector Editions.

    The list (in no particular order)

    Portal 2 (not really a pre-order, but it’s there)
    3D Dot Game Heroes (not a pre-order as well)
    Deus-Ex Human Revolution – Augmented Edition
    Disgaea 4 – Premium Edition
    Resistance 3 – Doomsday Edition
    Dead Island
    The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
    The Last Guardian
    Batman: Arkham City
    Uncharted 3
    Metal Geat Solid HD Collection
    Saint’s Row: The Third
    Assassins Creed: Revelations
    Battlefield 3 – Limited Edition
    Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    And the ones I have “pre-ordered” in Brazil because I’m impatient:

    The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
    Dark Souls

    I’ll tell you, having your girlfriend move to another hemisphere is not healthy for your bank account.

    @EdEN, that’s actually not a bad idea lol

  • Saints rows has definitely beaten GTA.. Final a game company that gives you the freedom that we ask for!

  • they just go on different directions is all, cant say one beat another, until theres some kind of announcement of GTA V at least

  • Ajescent

    That was awesome…too bad I’m boycotting THQ and not a Saints fan.