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X-men Destiny Vignette Trailer and Screens

A brand new trailer and screen shots from “X-Men Destiny” come to us today from GamesCom.

“Play as one of three new characters in “X-Men Destiny” and the choices you make will decide whether you ultimately side with the X-Men or the Brotherhood. Now you can learn more about each power set you can choose for your character in this all-new vignette trailer.”

X-Men Destiny will be released on September 27, 2011.

See below for some new screens!


  1. This game looked better when it had only a theatrical trailer… this doesn’t look very interesting…

  2. haha, totally true, seems bland and boring.. But you cant really judge a game until you have actually have played it.

  3. the more i look at this game the less interest I have at it, unless theres some miracle or else its gonna fail so hard

  4. from i have read. no co-op or online. total single player?

  5. I’m not sure Jason..
    I wish Sucker Punch would have made this.. with the inFamous 2 engine..

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