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Releases for the Week (August 22th-28th) |

The month is almost over and we want to get our game on. Will it end with a bang or will we have to go on in a barren wasteland?


You can Buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution Right Here!.

You can even buy the Augmented Edition!


Street Fighter III: Third Strike

You can Buy Comix Zone Right Here!

You Can Buy Hamilton’s Great Adventure Right Here!


Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death

Hysteria Project 2

PSOne Classics

You can Buy Parasite Eve II Right Here!

Parasite Eve II is a must buy for everyone (get part I as well while you’re at it!) and the minis and PSN releases for the week, along with Deus Ex at retail, do provide us with a great week with lots of potential!

  • ye first good week in awhile

  • Pre-ordered my Deux Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition, can’t wait to get my hands on it (a shame it will take a while…)!

  • @Pedro: What game DIDN’T you pre-order? You might to sell a kidney on january 2012 hehehe.

  • I’m probably going to wait awhile before I buy Dues ex. I never did beat Parasite eve 2…. Damn bugs that needed to be flipped over

  • Some demos will be available as well, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, Bodycount (which I am very excited about), NHL 12, Hamilton’s Great Adventure will have a demo available as well and KONAMI confirmed a PES 2012 Demo this week =)

  • I’ve got The 3rd Birthday on my games drawer waiting for it’s turn. See a pattern? Hahaha.

    @Cheeto: I try not to report the demos and focus only on actual releases.

  • Much appreciate it Eden, its one of the few posts that I actually wait for weekly. I just thought that some people, like my self, would like to know about new demos since we hardly get the new releases over seas.

  • Eddie

    So the store is going to suck 3 weeks in a row? lol bah!

  • yeah, we need some serious love on the PSN. and some special love for us plus subscribers.

  • PSN releases this week are great!

    As for PS+ we already got our releases for the month and all that is left is Betas and themes.

  • Oly

    Warhammer 40k is awesome.. try it!

    I kinda agree with Eddie.. blah.. good thing I’ll have Deus Ex to play

  • Deus Ex looks like fun on the retail front. As for the PSN releases, Hamilton’s Adventure, Talisman of Death and Parasite Eve II area all great options and I enjoyed Hysteria Project so I’ll get part 2.

  • O yea I have been looking any sites online giving away SF3: OE? I can’t find nothing. Twitter is going ba-zonkers tongiht with COD’s new dlc. Who cares! The big boy this week is SF3 OE!

  • Getting a free copy of SF3TS: OE will be pretty much impossible since CAPCOM doesn’t give those out easily.

  • got 3 out of this list, this will keep me busy till november