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Releases for the Week (August 22th-28th) |

The month is almost over and we want to get our game on. Will it end with a bang or will we have to go on in a barren wasteland?


You can Buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution Right Here!.

You can even buy the Augmented Edition!


Street Fighter III: Third Strike

You can Buy Comix Zone Right Here!

You Can Buy Hamilton’s Great Adventure Right Here!


Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death

Hysteria Project 2

PSOne Classics

You can Buy Parasite Eve II Right Here!

Parasite Eve II is a must buy for everyone (get part I as well while you’re at it!) and the minis and PSN releases for the week, along with Deus Ex at retail, do provide us with a great week with lots of potential!


  1. ye first good week in awhile

  2. Pre-ordered my Deux Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition, can’t wait to get my hands on it (a shame it will take a while…)!

  3. @Pedro: What game DIDN’T you pre-order? You might to sell a kidney on january 2012 hehehe.

  4. I’m probably going to wait awhile before I buy Dues ex. I never did beat Parasite eve 2…. Damn bugs that needed to be flipped over

  5. Some demos will be available as well, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, Bodycount (which I am very excited about), NHL 12, Hamilton’s Great Adventure will have a demo available as well and KONAMI confirmed a PES 2012 Demo this week =)

  6. I’ve got The 3rd Birthday on my games drawer waiting for it’s turn. See a pattern? Hahaha.

    @Cheeto: I try not to report the demos and focus only on actual releases.

  7. Much appreciate it Eden, its one of the few posts that I actually wait for weekly. I just thought that some people, like my self, would like to know about new demos since we hardly get the new releases over seas.

  8. So the store is going to suck 3 weeks in a row? lol bah!

  9. yeah, we need some serious love on the PSN. and some special love for us plus subscribers.

  10. PSN releases this week are great!

    As for PS+ we already got our releases for the month and all that is left is Betas and themes.

  11. Warhammer 40k is awesome.. try it!

    I kinda agree with Eddie.. blah.. good thing I’ll have Deus Ex to play

  12. Deus Ex looks like fun on the retail front. As for the PSN releases, Hamilton’s Adventure, Talisman of Death and Parasite Eve II area all great options and I enjoyed Hysteria Project so I’ll get part 2.

  13. O yea I have been looking any sites online giving away SF3: OE? I can’t find nothing. Twitter is going ba-zonkers tongiht with COD’s new dlc. Who cares! The big boy this week is SF3 OE!

  14. Getting a free copy of SF3TS: OE will be pretty much impossible since CAPCOM doesn’t give those out easily.

  15. got 3 out of this list, this will keep me busy till november

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