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Skyrim Character Presets for All Ten Races |

Bethesda just released screens of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim character presets, for all ten available races. Male and female versions are shown below. I might have to make some avatars out of these. 🙂



  1. Argonians look amazing. #3 Male Dark Elf looks like the Devil incarnated lol

    That’s certainly a huge improvement over Morrowind/Oblivion character models. Let’s not forget that it also (probably) means the population will look good too!

    I’ll be making my own character (first 2 hours of Skyrim) but having this as an example, it’s a safe bet to say my character will look almost as great as myself.

  2. Jay?

  3. HA ^

    these do look awesome, can’t wait for Skyrim.

  4. Females look… weird.

  5. Gotta say “Loving” the new preset!

  6. exciting stuff! I’m so stoked about skyrim that I recently reinstalled oblivion (plus about 100 mods!) and am replaying that. just bought a new computer, too! sorry ps3, but my pc gets the elder scrolls love.

  7. lol, wtf

  8. looks like Im gonna spend lots of time in the character creator

  9. Sinlock

    They might have tweeked all the female facial expressions a bit.
    Kind of reminds me of the look my wife gets after she walks into bathroom after I’ve been in there after eating some grilled asparagus.

  10. Typically I go with the Imperials….but those Braveheart-type Nords will look awesome taking down a 175ft Dragon!!!

    Can’t wait!

  11. @Oly lol nice Rainbow tattoo!

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