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Skyrim Character Presets for All Ten Races |

Bethesda just released screens of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim character presets, for all ten available races. Male and female versions are shown below. I might have to make some avatars out of these. 🙂


  • Argonians look amazing. #3 Male Dark Elf looks like the Devil incarnated lol

    That’s certainly a huge improvement over Morrowind/Oblivion character models. Let’s not forget that it also (probably) means the population will look good too!

    I’ll be making my own character (first 2 hours of Skyrim) but having this as an example, it’s a safe bet to say my character will look almost as great as myself.

  • Oly


  • HA ^

    these do look awesome, can’t wait for Skyrim.

  • Females look… weird.

  • ZFM12

    Gotta say “Loving” the new preset!

  • exciting stuff! I’m so stoked about skyrim that I recently reinstalled oblivion (plus about 100 mods!) and am replaying that. just bought a new computer, too! sorry ps3, but my pc gets the elder scrolls love.

  • Oly

  • Jay

    lol, wtf

  • looks like Im gonna spend lots of time in the character creator

  • Sinlock

    They might have tweeked all the female facial expressions a bit.
    Kind of reminds me of the look my wife gets after she walks into bathroom after I’ve been in there after eating some grilled asparagus.

  • Typically I go with the Imperials….but those Braveheart-type Nords will look awesome taking down a 175ft Dragon!!!

    Can’t wait!

  • @Oly lol nice Rainbow tattoo!