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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Giveaway Winnner! |

We had 11 total entries in our Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter giveaway. Congratulations to our winner:


Your code has been sent via PM here on the site.

I went old school and wrote down each entry on a piece of paper and picked two “non-winners” until lucky number 3 got to take this game home.

You can read my review of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter here.

  • haha congrats

  • Awesome, thank you guys. Really want the Vita now to play all of the Minis I have from PS Plus and a few giveaways. I’ll play it on my PS3 in the mean time.


  • whoa, you picked through elimination! innovative. 🙂

  • Keep getting those points since we have more giveaways on the way!

  • congrats man!

  • why i’m i not surprised? lol

  • Why didn’t you enter as well?

  • Didn’t I? I guess I forgot!

  • Noope. Looking at the records right now and there is no Pedro in there. Guess free wasn’t a good enough incentive!

  • Oly

    LOL.. he picked my name then decided.. hmm elimination drawing!

  • Why, I would never. I’m offended by such a remark, kind sir!